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Custom Character Sheet

posted Jun 04, 2016 19:31:08 by BillMorton
Hey all,

I've created a custom character sheet. Much of it looks similar to the original but I've expanded on it. I offer this freely and with no intent of monetary compensation. :P

I hope I did this right, here's the link:

My Mutant Chronicles Character Sheet
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Pat Murray said Jun 07, 2016 23:01:59
Currently the link is private! I'm eager to see what you've done though.
BillMorton said Jun 07, 2016 23:21:05
OK, set it to a public view. Try now.
Pat Murray said Jun 10, 2016 21:52:57
Looks good! I really like the fact you've included a full blank page and an additional page just for talents.
BillMorton said Jun 11, 2016 15:42:47
I like having those and the "NOTES" boxes. They are there for those little things I missed or didn't think of. :P
Chris Edwards said Aug 22, 2016 00:53:12
Great character sheet.
It would be great if you could include some more weapon slots, sometime 4 is just not enough ;-)
Now if it could be made form fillable it would be perfect :)
MagnusEriksson said Sep 16, 2016 12:27:15
Thanks for this, nice sheet! The only thing I'm missing, really, is a space for traits.
BillMorton said Sep 16, 2016 15:59:09
There is a box for traits on the front by the Dread table. Now that we've been playing it a lot more, I am finding some adjustments I want to make and will be working on soon.

1. As requested above, more slots for weapons. I completely agree now that I'm part of MAD and Luna PD. :P
2. Adding a Mental Wounds Soak listing
3. Perhaps a section for Cybernetic mods.
4. Spell sheet could be used for Ki Power listing also, with some slight modification.
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