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Homebrewed adventures/GM resources

posted May 24, 2016 10:39:19 by Carl Matthews
Does anyone have any homebrewed adventures or GM resources that they would like to share? Not homebrewed rules or new careers but things like GM or player crib sheets or homemade adventures.

The Conan Google+ community has lots of homemade brief adventures pending the release of the full game.
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Pat Murray said Jun 01, 2016 23:36:42
I'm currently running a campaign that has a lot of parallels to the Carol Reed film "The Third Man" that then eventually drops the players into a sort of Stalingrad situation on Mars. I'm improvising most of it, but when I get some time in July I'd be willing to contribute what I can.
Pat Murray said Jun 19, 2016 23:10:35
My flgs has recently recommended the Goodmans Games books. The Dungeon Alphabet, GM Gems, and PC Pearls. These have been great resources for my sessions so far, and are easily adaptable to any genre. I highly recommend them.
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