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The Clansman

posted May 18, 2016 19:54:48 by BillMorton
Know the movie The Kingsman? I'm planning to create an Imperial version of this. Anyone else doing something similar?

During the time of the Sad Struggle a group of different Imperial clan members were brought together to help quietly end the conflict among the clans. Working for the betterment of Imperial as a whole, the Clansman formed a secret society that wanted to guide and help strengthen Imperial power as a whole but not be seen as traitors by their fellow clans.

Pooling their resources together they established a secret base of operations and various fronts throughout the solar system posing as freelance businesses to help maintain financial support for their clandestine endeavors. The clansman are not about glory or prestige and never take credit for their successes. The Clansman operate in the interest of Imperial matters involving other corporations, the Dark Symmetry, and even internal clan disputes but work outside the authority of the Imperial Corp. Very few people outside of the Clansman know of their existence and they'd like to keep it that way.

There is one agent to represent each clan at any given time. These agents are supported by a number of qualified staff to deal with the day-to-day needs of running such an operation, typically trusted personnel who didn't qualify to be an agent but yet had other useful skills and held to the ideals.

The Clansman have one single leader. While history tells one story, the Clansman know the other, for it was Seamus Gallagher who brought together the Clansman. Seamus was not present at Keep Gladius when his clan was slaughtered. Only pride and honor in the family name had kept Seamus from seeking retribution. Driven by the purpose of the Clansman, Seamus never sought retribution for this slaughter, instead he kept his survival secret and founded the Clansman.

The current leader is Colm Gallagher and bears a striking resemblance to his founding ancestor. Unlike the other surviving Gallaghers of the know worlds, Colm has been passed the knowledge of his clans fine swordmaking. A talent put to use within the Clansman. Every agent has a sword hand-crafted by the blood of a Gallagher.
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BillHeron said May 27, 2016 14:02:45
As Her Serenity's Agent, I thoroughly endorse this idea!
Silvershield GM. Achtung! Cthulhu, Infinity, and Mutant Chronicles freelancer.
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