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Thunderbirds: International Rescue Bundle!

posted May 13, 2016 14:23:59 by SteveHanson
Today we're really pleased to announce a limited number of special deals for all Thunderbirds fans - where you can get a copy of the awesome Thunderbirds 50th Anniversary Board game, plus all three expansions for just £89.99 in our brand new International Rescue Bundle!

This bundle offers exceptionally great value for money a saving of over 27% on the regular price when sold separately. This offer is limited to the first 200 so don't hang around, let your friends know who haven't picked up this awesome game by legendary designer Matt Leacock (who's Pandemic Legacy is currently selling out across the world).

You'll also be amongst the first in the world to play the complete Thunderbirds experience, as the first three expansions will not be launched until June (Tracey Island), August (Above & Beyond) and October (The Hood).

Here's what's inside the International Rescue Bundle:

In the Thunderbirds Co-operative Board Game, 1-4 players act together as the International Rescue team against the Hood, represented by the game's mechanics. To win the game you take command of the iconic Thunderbird machines and play together to avert deadly disasters in the nick of time and thwart The Hood's plans for world domination.

The exciting gameplay takes place in Gerry Anderson's amazing Thunderbirds universe and features events from classic episodes of the TV show, as well as new approved content. The game contains models of six Thunderbird machines, as well as individual character models of the Tracy brothers, Lady Penelope and The Hood.

Thunderbirds are go for the perfect adventure!
Co-operative play! No more arguments, one to four players work together to defeat the game
Quick to set up and learn, no complicated rules, just pure fun.
Play time: 45-60 minutes

Family friendly, four players aged 10 and up
Expansion 1: Tracy Island: Release Date: June

Parker, Brains and Tin-Tin now playable characters with their own pegs and cards.
Also included are models of TracyIsland, FAB 2, the Ladybird jet and 14 pod vehicles.
New 56 card disaster deck adding the new characters and Thunderbird machines.
Also extra F.A.B. And event cards

Expansion 2: Above & Beyond:
Rule book
4 new ways to play the game:
5 new level 5 scheme cards
18 Tarot sized character cards, enabling characters to level up skills during the game
10 iconic disaster vehicle models and 10 disaster vehicle cards, that gives an alternate reward for averting disasters.
A sand timer to play a timed version called crisis mode
Blank scheme, disaster, event and F.A.B. Cards to create your own.
Also extra F.A.B. And event cards

Expansion 3: The Hood:
Now the game Is 2-5 player
As one player takes the role of The Hood and wins if the other players as International Rescue lose.
Models of The Hood's Lair, airplane and submarine, Creighton-Ward manor, The Hood character peg and 8 Hood agents.
Also extra F.A.B. And event cards

We hope you enjoy this Thunderbirds International Rescue bundle and take advantage of this very special offer to begin your Thunderbirds adventures! You can also pick up our special Devious Schemes promo pack for £4.99, extra dice for £2.99 or the Thunderbirds Roleplaying expansion which turns the base boardgame in to a fun roleplaying experience!
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