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Fighting with two weapons

posted May 13, 2016 17:43:21 by KennPike
Curious, I can't seem to find it in the rules. figured id ask the forums. how would you all approach a player who wished to have a mutant or mutant animal character that fights with two weapons. Such as two swords..two knives etc, one in each hand.
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Fenhorn said May 13, 2016 18:02:25
There are mutations that allows you to do multiple attacks so if you allow anyone to do that, you probably need to redesign those mutations (and perhaps also some talents I think).
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KennPike said May 13, 2016 18:52:07
I had considered redesigning mutations or talents, or take the path of other die pool systems and have them split the attack pool. either would work, I have recently read a copy of gen lab alpha and the entry on the animal power claws has given me new food for thought. I was thinking perhaps I am really over thinking the whole process. Let the player have the two weapons. It wouldn't change the damage or mechanics, rather it is more of a descriptive element and simply becomes a role playing element. the stunts to increase damage could simply be a way to explain the two weapons.
MonsterZero said May 14, 2016 08:48:39
Yeah, split the pool, and round down. Maybe throw in a modifier for the off hand depending on the size/type of weapon.
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