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Is my digital rulebook out of date?

posted May 06, 2016 20:33:52 by MikeHennigar
Hello Modiphius team!

I purchased a digital copy of the rulebook (I think from Drivethru?). In my book it says that initiative order is based on a D6 roll. My friend (shame on him) downloaded a copy of the rulebook, and his says that it is D6+ Agility. Which is correct? If his is correct (his version makes sense)... why is my paid copy out of date?

Is there anything I can do to get a correct copy of the book?

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Fenhorn said May 07, 2016 01:30:08
In the English rulebook v2 (which is the latest over at Drivethru it states INI is rolled with a D6 (and nothing else) and if it is a tie you roll another D6.

In the Swedish rulebook, you roll INI with a D6 and Agility breaks ties (so if you and a monster both roll a 3 and you have an AGL of 4 and the monster has an AGL of 3, you act before the monster). All the modifiers to INI modifies the dice-roll. The change from the original rule (which was D6+AGL), was made so the various modifiers (from mutations, stunts, etc.) would have more impact.

I don't know what happen to the English v2 rulebook, why (in comparison to the Swedish rulebook) some of the rule is missing. If you want to ask a dev, I think you will have more success over at the other forum (there is an English section), although they do visit here, from time to time.
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TomasFriaLigan said May 19, 2016 21:43:12
@MikeHennigar: In the second printing, the initiative roll is a straight D6 (no Agility added). This change was made to speed things up and to increase the relative usefulness of mutations, talents and actions that increase your initiative score.

You can easily check if you have the first or second printing by looking at the page before the title page in the PDF (it's the page with a quote from the Poetic Edda) - the second printing has a "A NOTE ON THE SECOND PRINTING" at the bottom. The first printing does not have this note.
Fenhorn said May 19, 2016 22:10:53
Although that doesn't answer the question why the there is a difference between the updated Swedish 2nd Edition rules (where you let Agility break ties and then you roll another dice if you still have a tie) and the English 2nd Edition (where you only roll a dice and another dice break ties). Why have different Initiative rules. In Genlab Alfa (Swedish) and Maskinarium (Swedish) you use the Swedish 2nd Edition rule. So why let the English users only use half of the "updated" Swedish Initiative Rule?
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