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Mutant Ability Clarification

posted Apr 28, 2016 17:15:34 by BillMorton
So last night we were rolling new characters and someone rolled a mutant ability. The wording said gain a "top level" talent and went on to describe the consequences of using it. Does "top level" mean the first talent in the tree or one of the most powerful talents in that tree? We had some debate on what that meant.
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SteveHanson said Apr 28, 2016 18:57:43
It means the best, most powerful, mist game breaking talent in the tree.
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BillMorton said Apr 29, 2016 15:19:04
I thought so, our GM was trying to say it was the first talent in the tree but that didn't make sense to me. It was a 2d20 roll of 38, I figured it had to be better than that.
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