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Stupid Newb question

posted Apr 24, 2016 16:20:55 by BruceBoragine
I see in character creation, under Iconic careers, 3 different color symbols with the letters DS,DL,DE, and the Dark Legion symbol under the DL.
I've looked several times and don't see what they mean and why they are there.

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DominicClaveau said Apr 24, 2016 16:32:42
They each correspond to a different era of play. It shows which iconic careers are available for each era.
Marcin.Skupnik said Apr 24, 2016 17:11:32
To elaborate -

DS means the Dark Symmetry era, the time before the rise of the Brotherhood, when humanity lost the technological advantage which allowed them to easily colonize the solar system.

DL means the Dark Legion era or the second corporate war in which almost all factions are at war with each other. Also the NOW of the setting.

DE means Dark Eden, the corporate return to fallen earth and their manipulation of the tribes of earth. This will be described in a future supplement.

Right now only the DS and DL eras are playable.
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BruceBoragine said Apr 24, 2016 17:37:22
Ahh, thanks. I played Warzone way back when. I also had Siege of the Citadel. I still have my MC and most of the WZ books. I even had the Dark Eden CCG. I think I still have 1 WZ DL model. A Rashide I think.
SteveHanson said Apr 24, 2016 17:51:47
Bruce, keep your eyes open, we're bringing back Siege of the Citadel.
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BruceBoragine said Apr 24, 2016 22:23:22
Thanks Steve, I've been checking into that thread.
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