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Manbeast mutation

posted Apr 19, 2016 11:03:30 by DruidGamer
Question about the 1st stunt of Manbeast which reads "Attack one or more enemies at Arms Length with your fangs and claws. They will take a total amount of damage equal to the number of MP spent."

Does this mean they will EACH take an amount of damage equal to the number of MP spent OR does it mean you apply the total damage spread out among the targets? i.e. Say I happen to have 4 zone ghouls at Arms Length. I spend 4 MP on Manbeast & do 4 damage to each or does each of the 4 targets take 1 damage each?
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Fenhorn said Apr 19, 2016 16:55:09
If you spend 4 MP you have 4 damage that you can deal to whoever is in Arms Length distance. So in your example you can deal one damage to each of the zone ghouls or deal 3 damage to one and one point to one of the other.
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