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2nd Edition Character Conversion Discussion

posted Apr 14, 2016 18:03:17 by BillMorton
I’m starting to think about character conversion from 2nd to 3rd edition and looking for others input. The key stats that need conversion involve abilities and skills. Once those stats are converted, derived stats can be completed from the final steps in the character creation. Here are options to consider and issues to work through:

-Halve the 2nd edition ability (not the B-SV) to become the new 3rd edition value.
-Round up or down when halving the stat?
-How do we derive AGILITY and AWARENESS abilities? Take the Avoid SV for Agility and Perception SV for Awareness?

-Add up your 2nd edition skill picks (not the value) for each skill. Do not include Avoid and Perception in this count.
-Distribute those picks to their corresponding 3rd edition skill on a 1-1 basis, purchasing Expertise and/or Focus.
-One can also purchase talents on a 2-1 basis, for example one can buy a Gunnery (3rd ed) talent with 2 Weapon Systems (2nd ed) skill picks.
-Since all skills don’t correspond on a 1-1 basis from 2nd to 3rd one can redistribute skills to the properly corresponding skill based on a pre-determined list. For example the 2nd edition skills Handguns, Rifles, and Light Automatics would all fall under Ranged Weapons in 3rd edition. This gives you a number of skill picks to distribute to Expertise/Focus and Talent picks.
-Likewise some 2nd edition skills don’t exist in 3rd edition. For example, Gambling is a 2nd edition skill that has no direct corresponding 3rd edition skill. It could be surmised that Observation, Persuade, and maybe even Willpower are all skills one could redistribute skill picks in to representing one’s proficiency in gambling. This list would need to be built. I’ve been thinking about it the last few weeks and will probably sit down this weekend to hammer it out.
-How to determine Signature Skills? Top Three Skills? Something else?
-What about 2nd Edition Skill MODs (I.E. a career event that gave +2 MOD on all Technical Skills)?

Other Considerations
-Social Status halve 2nd edition value?
-Earnings rating?
-Since 2nd Edition is purely dice rolls, Life points don't come into play. So do we bring the LPs into the conversion as a means to purchase abilities, skills, and talents?

So these are things I’ve thought about and will put it to paper this weekend and play with it. Does anything jump out as glaringly erroneous or something I missed? Thoughts? Has anyone else done a conversion?
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BillMorton said Apr 18, 2016 17:57:57
So I converted a 2nd Edition Character (never played) to 3rd and it went pretty good. Here are things I did a little differently from the above post and things we hadn't considered.

1. Halved the abilities and rounded up.

2. The skill point equivalency from 2nd to 3rd was straight forward with a couple exceptions. There was no equivalent 2nd edition skill for Animal Handling so I let 2nd edition Survival skill as an option to put into it. The 2nd Edition skill Demolitions also didn't have an equivalent in 3rd so I chose Heavy Weapons as the skill to put in to for that. The thinking on that is that Demolitions is a specialized skill and deals with AoE and HW talents also deal with AoE.

3. To figure the Agility and Awareness abilities I took the method you use in 2nd edition to calculate the BSV for Avoid and Perception, adding the 2 abilities (2nd edition) and divide that number by 4 - round up.

4. After adding up the points to redistribute to Skills and Talents, the cost for a talent was 1 but limiting the amount of talents you could have for that skill was "Expertise Value - 1".

5. After choosing signature skills (not real rule to decide those but just choosing the top skills)I add one additional point to distribute in each signature skill.

6. In 2nd edition there is an event that can say you get a +1 or +2 mod to all Tech skills or something equivalent of that. IF you have this from 2nd edition I'm allowing the player to assign that +1/+2 to the corresponding ability.

7. Social Status was the same number from 2nd to 3rd except if you had SS 10 in 2nd it is equivalent to SS10-12 in 3rd. Earnings ratings I just looked at the careers and figured the ER equivalent in 3rd, unless character's role playing history changes it. In this case it was a straight up career choice.

8. Since 2nd edition is a pure dice roll, I allowed 5 life points to be used to distribute to skills and abilities. 1 LP for expertise/focus and 2 LPs for abilities. You may choose not to spent all of these.

9. Once all of those choices are made then do the Finishing Touches decisions from 3rd edition, including converting any LPs into CPs. After that, get your derived stats from the 3rd edition character.

Other considerations:
-Ki Powers will be something to consider since getting Ki Talents in 3rd edition character creation is rare. I'm thinking your picks will still need to buy these talents. Or do you just get those Ki Power talents for free in the conversion? Thoughts?

The character was a Capitolian. I'm looking at doing this for a character in each corporation to see how it plays out and consider.

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