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Stepping off the Path

posted Apr 12, 2016 01:11:48 by HappyDaze
I'm looking to try revising character creation without use of a lifepath to allow players more freedom.

Decision One: Birth Faction
Determine faction as normal. Gain the appropriate Citizen Talent or Under the Radar or Brother. Gain native languages as normal. Ignore any adjustments to attributes, skill awards, or signature skill.

Decision Two: Social Status
Determine social status as normal. Record status and earnings. Ignore any adjustments to attributes or skill awards.

Decision Three: Environment
Determine environment as normal. Ignore any adjustments to attributes or skill awards.

Decision Four: Education
Determine education as normal. Ignore any adjustments to attributes, skill awards, or talents.

Decision Five: Primary Career
Determine primary career as normal. Ignore any adjustments to attributes, skill awards, signature skill, or talents.

Decision Six: Iconic Career
Select an iconic career. Ignore difficulty along with any adjustments to attributes, skill awards, signature skill, or talents.

Decision Seven: Attributes
Each of the eight Attributes starts with a value of 9. Any Attribute can be raised by 1 to 3 points (to a maximum of 12). For each Attribute so raised, another Attribute must be lowered by the same amount (to a minimum of 6).

Decision Eight: Skills
Select three of your skills to be Signature Skills. Spend 40 points on skills, spread between expertise and focus as desired.

Decision Nine: Talents
Select 8 talents that you meet the prerequisites for.

Note that while Decisions 7-9 should consider the previous steps, they are not held strictly to them. If you want to create a Mishiman commoner that totally lacks Close Combat and Unarmed Combat skills, that's fine. If you want to make a Wolfbane Commando that has a few ranks of Heavy Weapons, that's fine too.
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SteveHanson said Apr 12, 2016 02:33:06
Looks good. I love how creative you guys are.
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Marcin.Skupnik said Apr 12, 2016 05:00:13
If a player came up to me with a system like this one, I would shoot him with a nerf gun (the large red one). Don't get me wrong, it's your game and you are free to play it any way you like. But personally, I don't like systems that give the players too much freedom. They are a straight way to have horribly unbalanced characters at the table, or as they said in the Revised Vampire the Masquerade storyteller handbook "exploding ninja Bruce Willis clones with three bladed katanas".

I'm a big fan of lifepath systems, ever since I played WFRP 1ed in the 90s. You can get some crazy characters this way, with backstories that feel organic. In a way, a free spending system makes character background choices unimportant.
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JakeBernstein said Apr 12, 2016 05:07:41
Want Lifepath system = play MC3 or Traveller or something.

Don't want Lifepath system = play GURPS.

Done. :-)
Ryan Smith said Apr 12, 2016 07:18:19
If you're going to give everybody the same points for skills, talents, and let them pick the rest, you need to do something to address the fact that some iconic careers get full battle armor, machine guns and cybernetics, where as other iconic careers get a pistol and a t-shirt.

And that's just the ones in the basic book. I have no idea what's supposed to balance having a Luna PD detective and a Mirrorman in the same party.
HappyDaze said Apr 12, 2016 19:50:26
As far as balancing gear goes, there's not really much balance in the game right now when using the Lifepath. Story factors are going to make some combinations (such as your LPD Detective and Mirrorman) problematic from the start, and equipment is likely to be the least of your problems.
JakeBernstein said Apr 12, 2016 19:56:36
Balance is nearly impossible to achieve in a high tech game of any sort. I don't even worry about it.
HappyDaze said Apr 13, 2016 22:34:09
It's fairly reasonable to assume balance between characters of similar types. High-end dedicated military characters of various types should be reasonably balanced with one another. However balancing such a character against a media star or LPD detective is massively dependent upon the game being run.
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