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What have I missed?

posted Apr 10, 2016 18:42:28 by BobBartels
I was playing around with character generation and hit a snag. In imperial, the free trader iconic character requires space expertise 1. The problem is the only way I have found to achieve this skill is to be unemployed for one career (free skill). Is there any other way to get space expertise?

I eagerly await your chastisements of my myopic reading of the books:-)

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HappyDaze said Apr 10, 2016 21:31:41
Options for gaining Space from the Imperial book include Clan (Loughton) and Education (IIT or Babbage). Oddly, there doesn't seem to be any Primary Careers that offer Space, not even Ship Crew.
BobBartels said Apr 10, 2016 23:03:06
I figured I missed something. THe ship crew thing though is really weird.
Nathan.Dowdell said Apr 11, 2016 11:12:45
Yeah, now I remember. The issue with Ship Crew as a career is that Vacuum, Gunnery, and Space are all Advanced Skills (it's why I scrapped that skill division as soon as I had any say), which get awkward if you don't have the associated General Skill, and Vacuum felt most important for the purposes of Ship Crew, because crew doesn't necessarily mean "helmsman". That said, while I understand why I put Gunnery there, I didn't include Ranged Weapons, which is odd. I'll get that put in the errata to put Space instead of Gunnery in the Elective Skills, and instead of Pilot in the Signature skills.

And, as noted by HappyDaze (who I'm sure I've crossed paths with in other game communities over the years), there are several educations - both general ones, and Imperial-specific - that grant Space.
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