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Using Google Earth for the map

posted Apr 08, 2016 16:27:43 by ThomasWoods
Hey all, first time posting. We have only played one session a few days ago, but after playing I started looking up resources for the game. For example, good site to use is Abandoned America

I also started toying around with Google Earth and here is an example of what you can do with it
- Rulers that can be used to block out one mile squares (takes some getting used to, need to know how to undo, move points etc.)
- Notes for where you encountered something or rad level
- Polygon tool for marking a certain area
- Path tool for showing where your players path is (I am going to track these by day or mission and put stuff in folders marked that day, these can be turned off to hide them from view when you don't need them)

Here is what I have so far:

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ThomasWoods said Apr 08, 2016 16:37:54
You can also change the colors at any time by going into each items properties, like i did here with the players path.

By the way, we did not track this as we play, i plan on doing this after sessions, not tick for tick as we play. Messing around with this during play would just get in the way.

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Max Gorham said Apr 08, 2016 19:51:49
If you are interested, another great resource for homemade Zone/Sector Maps is Stamen Maps. I used it in combination with Photoshop to create a 3'x2' map of San Antonio. Took a while (because I'm cheap so I only used the free stuff) but it was worth it.

San Antonio Map
ThomasWoods said Apr 08, 2016 20:45:56
Nice, thanks for sharing
MonsterZero said Apr 22, 2016 20:55:57
Stamen is very good, I love the water color feature.
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