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Do NPCs get Damage Bonus from high stats?

posted Apr 08, 2016 08:39:16 by Ryan Smith
It seems in some cases a damage bonus isn't included- a Necromutant's listed assault rifle damage is the base damage of the weapon, making me want to add +2 dice because of his high coordination.

On the other hand, melee attacks for monstrous NPCs seem to already be scaled with their stats in mind- a Razide does 5+7d with a punch because he is freakishly strong. Should I really be adding another 5d onto that because he is...freakishly strong?

Which in turn makes me wonder about that Necromutant's bayonet: it's doing 7d. That's really really high for a bayonet. But if you subtract the dice (bonus for a Strength of 12) from that 7d, you get 4d, which is the damage of a regular bayonet!

So it seems like damage bonuses has been included for the Necromutant's high str, but not for his (almost) equally high coordination.

But then you got the Callistonian Intruder. Does 1+6 with his Jahkt, which is 2 more than the weapon's base damage of 4 listed at the end of the Semai section! Alright, so clear evidence that somebody is getting a damage bonus. Trouble is, he has a Coordination of 14, which should be giving him 4 more damage with ranged attacks, not two... even if you assume that since it's a thrown weapon it's damage bonus goes off of strength, he still has a strength of 12 which should be a bonus of 3, not 2.

So the Intruder is getting bonus damage from somewhere that the necromutant is not, despite them both making ranged attacks with high stats.

The Nepharite of Muawijhe is clearly getting his +5 bonus for his high strength factored into his listed damage for his Cenarath, though.

So long story short, there are situations in which it seems like the game is expecting me to add damage bonuses to NPC attacks (because they are doing base weapon damage despite high stats), and situations in which it has clearly given them a bonus already (stat bonus - listed damage = base weapon damage), and situations in which the damage is unique to that creature and I can't tell one way or the other.

So what do I do with stat damage bonuses as applied to damage ratings already listed in the game?
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HappyDaze said Apr 08, 2016 10:20:14
Keep in mind that the Ranged damage bonus isn't based off of Coordination, it's based off of Awareness. That's likely going to change things a bit.
JakeBernstein said Apr 08, 2016 13:11:08
Yea, it's Awareness for ranged combat damage. The stat blocks are correct.
Nathan.Dowdell said Apr 08, 2016 13:52:45
NPC stats include damage bonuses from high attributes. As HappyDaze notes, ranged damage bonus comes from Awareness, not coordination.
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Ryan Smith said Apr 08, 2016 16:47:56
Thanks, I'm stupid!
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