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Fuel in Mutant Chronicles?

posted Apr 01, 2016 06:47:21 by Ryan Smith
What do you suppose is used for fuel (trains, planes, automobiles, spaceships) in the Mutant Chronicles universe? Before you answer, consider the implausibility of fossil fuels existing on a world that was sterile 2000 years ago.

Are we dealing with the first example of an ethanol-punk setting?
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Citizen-171 said Apr 01, 2016 11:00:41
There are lot of things that are implausible in the MC universe, but there are still certain natural laws we need to assume still apply. Gravity still pulls objects down, vacuum will suffocate you, in water you swim or drown. For your question, your premise is that "sterile worlds" needs to either be ignored or explained away, or it has to be accepted as a "truth" that further affects the setting in some way.

Sure, the tech-level in the MC universe has the look and feel of the 1950s, but there ARE space ships. The know-how still exists, and the will exists to use low-tech means to produce advanced product. For my part, I'm fine with there being fossilized fuels on other worlds, so oil, petrol and diesel is a part of the setting as far as I am concerned. I'm also open to the idea that there exists "super-fuel" that powers space ships, and that fuel can be the result of a reconstitution process of other material than oil.

Marcin.Skupnik said Apr 01, 2016 11:30:01
Biodiesel offers a nice way out, makes Capitol oil-barons from Mars viable NPCs.
You can also explain it through terraforming, in which early stages create dead biomass which turns into fossil fuels at an accelerated rate. Would fit the "terraforming kills life" concept from Whitestar.
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Ryan Smith said Apr 01, 2016 17:20:53
Yeah, biodiesel makes a lot of sense to me.
JakeBernstein said Apr 01, 2016 17:47:08
Once you have spacecraft capable of going to the Asteroid Belt, you have spacecraft that can harvest more hydrocarbons than humanity will ever be able to use from gas giant atmosphere.
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