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Being Trained in The Art

posted Mar 24, 2016 16:18:05 by Ryan Smith
A couple questions. A Brotherhood character who gets the Mystic talent is stuck with the three newbie spells forever, right? They can only learn one of the color-based talent trees in the art if they start play with a Brotherhood Iconic Career that explicitly says "You recieve training in a single Aspect of the Arts"?

I thought I knew the answer to this until I saw that Bauhauser Iconic Careers that start with the Mystic talent are presumed to be able to study along one of the Aspects themselves, so now I'm wondering about the Brotherhood iconic careers that get Mystic, but aren't in the main book and don't have the 'you recieve training....' clause. What's the deal with them?
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SteveHanson said Mar 25, 2016 15:59:28
Once you've got the Mystic talent, you can use subsequent talent picks from the lifepath, and later spend experience, on talents in the Arts talent trees, with one restriction: unless you've taken a Mystic iconic career, you may only learn from a single Aspect of the Art.

There's a sidebar in the appendix of the Brotherhood book that covers this.
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