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Plasma carbines seem ridiculously good

posted Mar 20, 2016 22:26:33 by JakeBernstein
So, been doing some playtesting with my son and I'm shocked at how deadly plasma carbines are against squads. He was able to wipe out 1 (possibly 2, using Swift Strike) full squads of Undead Legionnaires + Necromutant leader with a Burst at each one. It's the Blast (Close) quality.

Granted, it was pretty awesome. I'm not even sure it's problematic because Plasma Carbines can now do precisely what plasma carbines were SUPPOSED to do.

But still, have you found them ridiculously destructive against groups of lightly armored and weak enemies...wait...yea ok, this is definitely not a problem with the *rules*. Next time, I'll use tougher bad guys!
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