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How to gain Heavy Weapons in Character Generation

posted Mar 14, 2016 11:21:23 by M1sterP1nk
Just wondering, how can "regular" Charakters get the heavy weapons skill? Just saw some iconic careers having them as mandatory skills.
So from my perspective a plain Military caharcter without iconic Carrarer seems not possible to get them besides in step 8 customasation? Or do I miss something?
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Nathan.Dowdell said Mar 14, 2016 12:18:15
Advanced skills (Heavy Weapons, Gunnery, Space, Vacuum, Medicine, Sciences, Psychotherapy, Linguistics, Command, and Unarmed Combat) are all rarer than the General Skills they're based on. Most training in those skills comes from a few more specialised careers, customisation after careers, and development of characters in play.
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Pat Murray said Mar 14, 2016 13:11:52
I believe that the Trencher (Imperial), CAF Pilot (Capitol) careers get the Heavy Weapon skill. I'm surely missing a couple from the other factions, but they are pretty few and far between.
M1sterP1nk said Mar 14, 2016 19:22:18
Okay so I didnĀ“t missed this and this skill is hard to obtain in cahracter Generation. thx
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