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When does the Dark Legion attack?

posted Mar 12, 2016 20:59:11 by Ryan Smith
Reading the Mishima sourcebook at the moment, have read others. Just to be clear, when the books talk about warring against the Dark Legion in places like Venus and the Darkways of Mercury, it's talking about the attacks that began at the end of the timelline (i think Y.C. 1292) in the basic book, right? My impression was that before that, going back several centuries, the Dark Symmerty was limited to the occaisional human cult and whatever has been going down out on the outer planets, right?

I ask, because I want to run a campaign that starts at the year 1291, a few months before the Dark Legion onslaught described at the end of the timeline, and I want to make sure I have a good understanding of what the world was like then- basically no living human has seen a necro-mutant or Nepharite, and some folks think all that jazz is Brotherhood propaganda. Is that right?
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Pat Murray said Mar 12, 2016 23:28:55
I think sometime around 8 yc the first Dark Legion War begins. Check the timeline on page 20 in the core rule book. It mentions citadels and the armies of the Dark Legions.
Ryan Smith said Mar 12, 2016 23:45:04
Yeah, but my understanding was that you've got a bunch of centuries in there where everybody thinks the Dark Legion is beaten and kind of forgets they exist.
Pat Murray said Mar 12, 2016 23:53:36
You're right! It seems that at some point after 100 YC after Saladin strikes the Legion seems to go dormant until the new Citadel is discovered in 1262.

I would say it would be really reasonable for the general public to at the very least have forgotten about the existence or threat posed by the DL.

I'm inclined to agree with the idea that the vast populous might believe Necro-Mutants and Nepharites are just boogey men.
Ryan Smith said Mar 12, 2016 23:57:12
OK, so it seems like the sourcebooks that talk about the various battles going on with the Dark Legion are written from a perspective somewhat after 1292 then- a few years after the timeline ends. Makes sense that the timeline would culminate with what we think of as the 'present day'.

The Saladin thing is kinda weird. If you read the Mars sourcebook, it makes it pretty clear that the dormant Citadel discovered in 1262 is Saladin's Citadel. So either it moved, or humanity forgot were it was over the past 1200 years.
Pat Murray said Mar 13, 2016 00:06:41
I tend to agree. Until some more information arrives about the current iteration of Dark Eden, the start of the Second Dark Legion War is 'current'/'present day'.

If I'm not mistaken the Capitol Source book has only been released to backers, so the detail about the citadel being Saladins might be a little off or just lacking official explanation. As far as your story is concerned, having it moved or forgotten over 1200 years is not out of the question.
Ryan Smith said Mar 13, 2016 00:17:10
Nope, I bought the Capitol sourcebook with money a few days ago off Drive Thru RPG. The only ones that aren't out for sale are White Star and Bauhaus. Unless The Cartel is getting a sourcebook.
Pat Murray said Mar 13, 2016 00:46:46
Once again you're right. Cartel is getting a sourcebook. I've been disconnected for a minute.

I would say bring it up in the errata thread, but it seems you've already done that.
Nathan.Dowdell said Mar 14, 2016 12:12:29
I tend to hold that the Dark Legion never entirely goes away, but it fades into the "background noise" of people's daily lives - it ceases to be an influence, but for the few engaged with "border skirmishes" against the occasional build-ups of forces by individual cults and Nepharites (remember, cults aren't just human Heretics - it's entirely possible for them to be transformed into creatures of darkness through their worship, whether as reward or punishment). Without the presence of the Dark Legion for over a thousand years, there's very little reason for the Brotherhood's Sacred Warriors (who only fight the Dark Legion) and Doomtroopers (who again, only fight the Dark Legion) to exist during the centuries between the first and second Dark Legion Wars.

The public mainly know of Necromutants and the like as monsters in history, in sermons, and most importantly in fiction, where they're monsters to be destroyed by heroic Doomtroopers and grim Inquisitors on the big screen in the latest blockbuster movie (or defeated by a colourful team of Demon Hunters in that imported Mishiman anime). There's a big disconnect between that perception, and the experiences of people who've fought the Dark Legion... but even those who've fought the Dark Legion during that long quiet period don't really know what it was like during the height of the First Dark Legion War.
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Ryan Smith said Mar 14, 2016 22:10:05
SO during that long quiet period, the fight against the Dark Legion procedes in a way more like... I dunno, the Delta Green setting or something? There's monsters, but they are in isolated locations and mostly hidden from view in small pockets, such that the general public doesn't know what's up?
Nathan.Dowdell said Mar 15, 2016 10:24:08
That's how I see it, yes. Members of the public might be aware of it, but few outside the Brotherhood seriously equate these skirmishes with the level of threat presented during the First Dark Legion War - they struggle to associate the horrors of history with the "mundane" monsters of the modern age.
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JakeBernstein said Mar 15, 2016 15:09:07
You are talking about a gap of over 1200 years, so I find it completely believable that nobody but the Brotherhood takes it seriously. I mean, 1200 years ago was 816 AD...
Ryan Smith said Mar 25, 2016 05:52:01
A follow up to this now that I'm reading the Bauhaus sourcebook. Should things like massive fortified cities on Venus be seen as having been built in response to the events in 1292, or being hold-overs from the first Dark Legion war? Like Volksburg is a good example- heavily fortified city near Alakhai's Citadel. Did that Citadel suddenly appear in 1292, and Bauhaus fortified the city in response? Was the Citadel there this whole time (since the first war) and Volksburg has been fortified a thousand years ago, but the fortifications gone unused? I could ask the same thing about the Doughpits- the neverending money-sink site as Capital fights a war of attrition against the legion. So if my game takes place in 1292, I'm to understand that this battle has been going on for a few weeks or months at the most?

There's parts in this setting where despite the timeline ending in 1292, it feels like it's writing from a perspective several decades after that. It talks about heroes having fought the dark legion, and about statues erected in the honor of great battles against the Dark Legion...are these all references to the first Dark Legion war, or from the perspective of a game that begins a few years after the time line ends, or what?

Then there's "Matochekburg" which Bauhaus is described as having been trying to reclaim from Demonogonis 'for generations now'? Does this mean the book is written from a perspective generations after the end of the timeline in the basic book? Or is this a place where the Dark Legion never stopped being active despite the timeline really making it sound otherwise?

The dozens of citadels (scores or hundreds of them on Venus) make me wonder this too. Did they all pop up over night? This isn't impossible since the rules talk about the materializing in a matter of days, or crashing in from Black ships. Do they gradually appear over a long span of time, so the war as described really gets going sometime after the timeline ends?

This would all make sense if the books were written from the perspective of it being several decades after the end of the timeline...I'll probably just assume that if there isn't somethign else that was intended by the authors.
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