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What do people think of this campaign set up?

posted Mar 10, 2016 18:25:35 by Ryan Smith
The characters in my group want to play a variety of factions that might not typically get along well together.

My idea is to have the game take place during the 2nd Corporate War, just before the 2nd major Dark Legion attack in 1291. Players will be a part of a Cartel-organized team of mercs from various corps, rousting Heretics and so on with the specific goal of showing the world just how well the different corps can get along, as a sort of diplomatic propaganda thing. Regardless of what's really going on, characters will be expected to give glowing puff-piece interviews about how members of other corps are 'just people, man' and how important it is they all learn to work together for the betterment of mankind. Of course, their parent corps (and maybe the players themselves) will be doing things behind the scenes that make it harder and harder to make this platitudes with any sincerity.

Sound good? Seem like something plausible the Cartel would actually do?
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Citizen-171 said Mar 10, 2016 22:44:51
Sounds like a great approach for a Cartel-based campaign!

What sort of behind-the-scenes intrigue do you have in mind?

I can imagine otherwise honest executive managers that have their companies revealed as harbouring Heretics are going to hate the PCs for making them an embarrassment. And rival corps will attempt to use the player characters as weapons against each other, using misinformation or half-truths.

Ryan Smith said Mar 10, 2016 23:56:39
I think I'm gonna wait on the behind the scenes intrigue and have it occur naturally based on how the players treat each other, and what they say in the interviews. I'll be waiting for the Brotherhood character to say "Wow, Cybertronic is really great and their high tech gizmos could help us all!" on television, and the intrigue will write itself.

Certainly open to suggestions though.

Pat Murray said Mar 12, 2016 23:45:42
Sounds like a great concept. Maybe you could have you players have secret objectives based on their faction. Kind of like the Doomtrooper cards from Siege of the Citadel. An example would be make sure your faction gets the most kills, or gets to plant the flag at the top of the mountain while sort of sabotaging another players faction.
Ryan Smith said Mar 13, 2016 01:12:28
I thin I'm gonna have their factions try to force secret objectives upon them, and make the players decide if they want to follow those objectives, be loyal to the Cartel's vision for the project, or what. But yeha, that kind of thing is definitely gonna be a part of it.
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