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Voluntary Failure

posted Mar 09, 2016 16:30:09 by Citizen-171
The rule book seems to try to sell me something: A player can, with the GM's permission, choose to voluntarily fail a skill test. While I appreciate the option being available, I really can't see any practical use for it. I mean, what sort of consequences /in addition/ to failing the test would weigh so heavily? Sure, the Repercussion range might in some circumstances be quite significant, but still! Opting to fail to climb a wall and failing with an actual skill test amounts to the same thing: A failed attempt at climbing a wall.

Do any of you actually use this rule? In what situation?

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SteveHanson said Mar 09, 2016 17:56:18
Suppose your character us being coerced into doing something, like pick a lock. He doesn't want whoever's coercing him to have what's on the other side of rpthe lock. He makes an attempt, making look good but chooses to fail.
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Nathan.Dowdell said Mar 09, 2016 22:26:04
I've seen it used in situations where a player character has little chance of success in the first place (maybe an attribute of 6 and no relevant skill training), and they want the extra Chronicle point.

The Chronicle point is the more important part of the equation here, in my experiences.
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Citizen-171 said Mar 09, 2016 22:38:54
Fair points. I guess I may have got the impression that this rule gets a lot of attention in the rules since I picked up both the rule book and the player guide, so that doubles the exposure. :)

From our session this evening, the rule /almost/ was used when a Player Character suffered a Knockdown x3 effect with no chance of making the Athletics test. Since he was already up to his max in Chronicle points there was nothing to be gained by voluntarily failing (he was willing to risk Repercussions) so he made his roll even if it would automatically fail.
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