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How well known is the leader of Cybertronic?

posted Mar 09, 2016 18:35:03 by Ryan Smith
The Brotherhood book makes it seem like only a handful of people suspect the truth, where as the Cybertronic book describes him making pubic appearances (with body doubles, granted).

I'm wondering specifically if that's something a typical cybertronic character should know.
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Ryan Smith said Mar 09, 2016 18:37:24
Oh, and a related question, can Cybertronic employees even BE freelancers? I have a couple players interested in them, but having a hard time seeing how to work them effectively into a mixed-origin team.
JakeBernstein said Mar 09, 2016 19:05:48
I don't think anyone really knows the true nature of Cybertronic's leader.

On the second question, the answer is "yes and no." Yes, you can "be a Freelancer." But you are never really free because you rely on Cybertronic to get you your drugs and repair your body. IMO, a Cybertronic Freelancer is a Cyber on very detached, independent duty.

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