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number of players

posted Mar 08, 2016 22:12:16 by unthom
Hi all,

Contemplating buying Mutant Chronicles (I have v. fond memories of playing the 2nd Edition ~15 years). I wonder if anyone has any thoughts on optimum player count? Potentially we have six players (plus the GM) which worries me a little -- would that make for an astonishingly slow game? Does anyone have experience of playing with >4 PCs?

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unthom said Mar 08, 2016 22:12:53
*~15 years *ago*
SteveHanson said Mar 09, 2016 05:21:57
Thus reply is just my opinion but 6 shouldn't be bad. 2d20 is by nature pretty fast. The more familior the GM and the players are with the rules the faster it will go. You might even consider some one shot Adventures to get a handle on the rules.
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Alakhai said Mar 09, 2016 14:22:15
I have GMed The Fall of Von Holle, and now we are at the Fuji station in the Dark Symmetry campaign. Also I have invented other 2 campaigns and we played last two years, since the summer of 2014.

I have 7 players and me, the GM. It has been hard find the balance, I started killing them too easy and next they where like gods no one hurting them. Know I almost never use Troopers NPCs, allways al least Elites or Squads.

All this is regarding COMBAT, everything else is more or less fine.

In my opinion at least talking about the writed campaigns, the optimal is 4+GM. You will need to adjust cuantities or even give more wounds to some NPCs if you have more players. The dark symmetry points system also needs some practice.

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unthom said Mar 09, 2016 19:29:38
Thanks! It looks like we might hit 8 now. In which case I'm thinking I'll split it into two separate games (which -- if all's well -- means I can swap players between groups in the future).
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