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Cybertronic character origin

posted Mar 07, 2016 10:02:17 by Marcin.Skupnik
I looked up Cybertronic character creation in the splat. It occurred to me that Cybertronic does not have options for characters that were born in the family of a Cybertronic employee. Page 52 of the splat says that all VACs come from outside and all TIFFs awake in a Cybertronic facility. So where are characters which are born in the corp? Do they exist?

There two options:
-There is a part that is missing. Which explains how to handle Cybertronic-born characters.
-Cybertronic employees are all sterilized after recruitment.
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Nathan.Dowdell said Mar 07, 2016 12:31:14
Assume that a proportion of VACs are "native" to Cybertronic and natural-born. Genetically-engineered "natives" can be found amongst the TIFFs.

However, there are surprisingly few people born into Cybertronic... far fewer than most people might expect. Cybertronic employees aren't sterilised, but they don't seem to be particularly concerned by the matter of reproduction.
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