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Question about Chronicle Points and rolling dice

posted Feb 29, 2016 14:23:06 by Alakhai
Reading and rereading the rules this doubt is killing me.

There is a max of 5 rolling dice, Cronicle Points dice with a 1 count?

If you roll 4 dice your max is 1 Chronicle Point?
If you expend 5 Chronicle Points you cannot roll dice?
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Nathan.Dowdell said Feb 29, 2016 16:53:34
Technically, there is no maximum number of dice. Some sources have maximums (no more than 3 dice from DSP, limited number of Reloads spent), but there's no overall maximum in Mutant Chronicles (there was, in earlier playtest versions, and we've reintroduced it in Infinity and Conan, where there's a 3-dice cap on bonus d20s).

In Mutant Chronicles (this differs in other 2D20 games), there is no hard cap on the number of Chronicle points that can be spent in one go, except the number of Chronicle points you have available at that moment. This doesn't prevent you rolling, either, though you can choose not to roll if you'd succeed with just the Chronicle points spent (to avoid risk of Complications).
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Alakhai said Feb 29, 2016 17:13:59
Thank you Nathan, I have been GMastering since the Alpha trough all the versions and probably that stuck on my mind since some of the beta versions :P
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Alakhai said Feb 29, 2016 17:24:16
Anyway this can be really hardcore.

You buy 3 dice by DS, you spend 2 reloads on a Burst weapon, also you use a Chronicle Point to add another standar to do a Exploit Weakness + Attack in the same turn... 9 rolling d20 + 4 extra d6 :-S
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