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Dark Legion during the Second Corporate War

posted Feb 29, 2016 04:58:48 by AlexandreDupuis
Looking into the book but can't seem to determine if there's any presence of Dark Legion before the Second Dark Legion War. Are any of the creatures of the Dark Soul encountered before the events of 1292 YC?

Old fluff seemed to say that the clashes with the Dark Legion started as early as 1268 YC? If that's the case, then the Second Dark Legion War would be a big push by the minions of the Apostles to finish the job that was started a millennium ago?
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Nathan.Dowdell said Feb 29, 2016 13:30:00
Broadly, there's still a persistent "low level" presence of the Dark Legion across the system between the two wars, but it's minor, and containable, partly because the Apostles aren't so actively involved (it's mainly the agendas of individual Nepharites), and involves a lot more covert action. It's border skirmishes, regions like the Doughpits on Mars, and so forth, and used as much as anything as an excuse for the corporations to maintain large militaries (militaries that end up being used in inter-corporate territorial conflicts).

The threat of the Dark Legion never goes away completely. It just becomes background noise, something that's easy to ignore for the overwhelming majority of people - something you see in movies, read about in books. and hear about in Brotherhood sermons. Their military efforts really pick up during the Second Corporate War, because it's easy to escalate when everyone is fighting amongst themselves (just as the First Dark Legion War takes place immediately after the end of the First Corporate War), but they didn't ever really leave.
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AlexandreDupuis said Feb 29, 2016 14:12:40
thanks Nathan,
So the fluff from the previous editions still stands. It's as I thought, skirmishes and border and general populace never really having to worry about those treats.
The Doughpits are the entrenchments around the citadels in general, so I'm guessing there's quite a few that where never destroyed during the past millennia and are still hot beds of hostilities. I'm asking this since I'm trying to bring together a project for a Warzone Resurrection league and I'd like it to be as close to the fluff as possible :)
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