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where to find Straffar Gatan 39

posted Feb 27, 2016 00:52:20 by papstemmanuel
I am fairly new to MC. While reading the core rulebook, the free adventures named "Straffar Gatan 39" and "Fall of von Hölle" are mentioned several times. My google searches for a download link had been sadly unsuccessful. Could somebody direct me to the right spot? My thanks in advance. :)
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Alakhai said Feb 27, 2016 20:37:37
Straffar Gatan 39 was a quickguide (like the one for Infinity or Conan) but using Beta rules, because MC3.0 has been the first game with de 2d20 system. These adventures where updated and included in the Dark Symmetry Campaign.

I think that it was originally developed to be used as a free adventure to be included in the basic rulebook, but the rules growed and growed and maybe they decided to remove it.
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Nathan.Dowdell said Feb 27, 2016 21:18:16
We simply didn't have space for it in the rulebook. As Alakhai mentions, it's currently packaged in with Fall of Von Hölle (the follow-on from it) as a second campaign in the Dark Symmetry Campaign book. I believe the plan is to re-release the updated version of it as a quickstart at some point in the near future, when we're not quite so busy with the Conan Kickstarter.
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SteveHanson said Mar 01, 2016 20:24:26
Emmanuel, here you go;

Prepare to go back to the origins of the Mutant Chronicles universe with the Dark Symmetry Campaign, featuring Straffar Gatan 39, The Fall of von Hölle and the Dark Symmetry campaign itself!
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