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Can People still Terraform?

posted Feb 26, 2016 15:31:34 by Ryan Smith
Is terraforming a moon or asteroid something humanity can still do in the 2nd Corporate War period, or is that part of the technology that was lost when the Dark Synergy appeared?
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Nathan.Dowdell said Feb 26, 2016 16:15:12
To my knowledge, the technology to begin terraforming anew is lost, though the means to maintain the existing terraforming technologies (some elements of the process require upkeep, such as the towers maintaining Earth-normal gravity on Luna) is carefully preserved.
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Ryan Smith said Feb 26, 2016 22:16:54
Alakhai said Feb 27, 2016 11:20:03
If my memory work, Cybertronic CAN Terraform. Ganimedes is terraformed by Cybertronic and taken by Imperial. I think that I have readed this in the new MC3.0
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Marcin.Skupnik said Feb 27, 2016 17:01:12
Cyberetronic has begun terraforming Ganymede (Core page 24). But according to Imperial page 83 Ganymede isn't terraformed.
So yes, Cybertronic has the tech but has been thwarted by Imperial with the Brotherhood's blessing. According to Whitestar the terraforming process is deadly to all existing life.
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AlexandreDupuis said Mar 01, 2016 19:33:00
I think they still can. In the Dark Legion campaign book, players get to a new colony in the asteroids in search of an item. There's some machines that where recently installed there for terraforming. Also, doesn't the spaceships use some modified form of that same technology to recreate gravity and atmosphere. From what I gather, the present technology is probably a lot less effective than the one before the fall and terribly expensive. its terribly expensive to do and constant watch for corruption is advisible.
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