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Mobs/Minions/Rabble rules in 2d20

posted Feb 24, 2016 19:02:02 by Tim
We've been playing a home-brew adaption of Edge of the Empire for our own Conan campaign. EotE's Minion rules have been great for handling large groups vs heroes. For those unfamiliar, each additional minion in a group adds or upgrades a die. This makes large groups quite powerful, but they can be whittled down fairly quickly. It makes for tense but quick battles, and applies well to social situations as well.

Will Conan 2d20 have similar rules for groups, and if so can you give some thoughts on what we might see?

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Nathan.Dowdell said Feb 24, 2016 19:36:21
If you look over the quick-start, you can see the use of different levels of opponent, similar to those used in Edge of the Empire.

Minions can only withstand a single Harm (one Wound, one Trauma), and tend to have only a small amount of Vigour and Resolve. They also only roll a single d20 each on tests, and lose access to a number of other options. Minions can be grouped up - the Mob takes a single action collectively, rather than taking individual actions, but they roll a number of d20s equal to the number of creatures in the Mob. In turn, when they're attacked, excess damage after defeating one member of the mob carries over to the next, until all the damage is used up or the Mob's wiped out.

Elites are, contrary to the name, the "default" level of NPC, who work like PCs, but can only take two Harms of any type (two Wounds, or two Trauma).

Nemeses are the top end, and they work as player characters in terms of how much damage they can withstand, and they tend to have more complex abilities as well.
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Tim said Feb 24, 2016 21:08:35
Thanks - I had looked for relevant rules in the rules section, but not in the adventure itself.
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