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Fiction like Mutant Year Zero

posted Feb 01, 2016 02:59:20 by Jonathan Young
Hello all,

I am getting into M:Y0 and LOVING it so far. Is there any fiction out there that is somewhat close to it? I am guessing Gamma World stuff would be close...anything else?

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AbrahamYadirFloresGutierrez said Feb 08, 2016 19:20:50
Like books or movies? There's Stephen King's "The Stand", "Metro 2033" (I haven't read the book, but the videogame is fun), The "S.T.A.L.K.E.R" videogames (loosely based on the movie of the same name) and of course Mad Max.
Gabriel Hole-Jones said Feb 09, 2016 21:24:58
If you're looking for material, I often base my stuff off of Metro 2033, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R., Fallout and Last of Us video games, as well as TV and film like the Walking Dead, Planet of the Apes, 28 Days Later etc
TomasFriaLigan said Feb 22, 2016 08:22:01
Good tips. I might add books like Oryx&Crake, The Road and Metro 2034. When it comes to movies/tv, apart from obvious ones like Mad Max Fury Road I might add The Colony and the tv-show The 100.
JuhanVoolaid said Apr 06, 2016 19:09:12
Well, all these video games are based on real fiction. Metro 2033 is post-apo in Moscow tube-stations. Stalker is based on also a Russian sci-fi literature "Roadside picnic". The Road is also good book, that got movie done. There is also the classic "Lords of the Flies" which is touching upon social side of things. But what would be a definite post-apo literature in sci-fi, that would be interesting to know.
Gabriel Hole-Jones said Apr 30, 2016 20:38:08
I also often base the events of my campaign of off classic literature or actual historic events- the players unknowingly had a role in what was essentially Hamlet in the Ark, and the events played out similarly to how they did in the play- except instead of a duel with Laertes using poisoned swords, they shot each other.
SteveHanson said May 01, 2016 04:10:58
Poison bullets?
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MonsterZero said May 01, 2016 05:12:14
Hmmm, I guess life does imitate art.
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