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Sad Struggle andthe DS Era

posted Jan 30, 2016 20:48:42 by Matthew Hoeveler
So the Sad Struggle occured durring the height of the First corporate War, which was ended by Nathaniel Durrand in the Divination Address. This marks at the dawn of the First Legion War, essentially the start of the DS era of play. That being the case, the Imperial book states that during the DS era, the Kingsfields have +1 Standing and Earnings becasue their Shame "has yet to occur..." Plus, The Fieldhausens were part of Kingsfield until after the Struggle.

There seems to be some inconsistency about when, in terms of the DS era, the Sad Struggle happpened? The only way that I can see that the Shame of the Kingsfields, and the creation of the Fieldhausen clan could be AFTER the DS era would be ifthe Sad Struggle was taking place DURRING the DS era, but came to an end after the DS era of play, but that seemsto be in contradiction to the timeline, which talks about the Sad Struggle as reaching its peak during the First Corporate War.

Is it possible to get some clarificaation here?
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Marcin.Skupnik said Jan 31, 2016 06:28:48
This marks at the dawn of the First Legion War, essentially the start of the DS era of play.

Nope, the DS era starts 100 years before the Divination Address, see main book pages 17-19. The Sad Struggle happens sometime between 2530 and 2577.

But you are right about the Fieldhausen clan, their timeline is completely out of whack. They free themselves from clan Kingsfield during the Sad Struggle, and the Project 6 vignette talks about bringing the Fieldhausen family into Imperial after the first Dark Legion war.

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