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Attributes caps for PCs

posted Jan 09, 2016 16:31:23 by DominicClaveau

Maybe I missed it in the text, but I can't find what are the attributes maximum for PCs. I read somewhere in the book that some people can go over 12 and it's something exceptional and I figure humans can't go over 18 since even the Apostles don't go beyond that.
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Nathan.Dowdell said Jan 10, 2016 13:15:01
Over 12 is exceptional, but not an absolute limit (player characters are exceptional). Over 17, you start to reach a point where, combined with Expertise, you stop getting any actual benefit (your chance of success per die with Agility 17 and Stealth Expertise 3 is 100% already). Over 16, you also don't get any more bonus damage from Strength or Awareness, or bonus Influence from Personality, and if your combined Strength + Physique is over 30, there's no further benefit for increasing further. It becomes a matter of diminishing returns for increasing cost (15 to 16 costs 1,600 experience, 16 to 17 costs 1,700, etc). It's slightly more useful on attributes with lots of different skills (such as Intelligence), but the benefit overall isn't massive.

If you want to apply a hard cap to player characters, I suggest 16, for the various practical reasons listed above. Actual superhuman degrees of those attributes are handled by the Supernatural Attribute special rule that various creatures have (because giving Algeroth a 35 in Strength wouldn't have actually made him succeed any more often; giving him Supernatural Strength 6 means he's got 6 successes before rolling, which is what makes him superhumanly strong).
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DominicClaveau said Jan 12, 2016 14:11:22
Thanks !

I think I'll cap it at 16 as you suggest. I asked my question because in previous editions, there were no limits to attributes, but these weren't used the same way.
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