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Help with early war scenario.

posted Jan 03, 2016 15:43:52 by DaveThompson
I'm looking for a little help...

I am starting a campaign soon. I want the bulk of my players to be part of the B.E.F present in France at the start of WW2. But I want them to be near Sedan when the German forces attack on 10 May 1940 and the B.E.F are miles away just outside of Brussels when the fighting begins. 

I had an idea that the player's section have been ordered to Sedan to pass on some sensitive information to the division commander of the French forces stationed there. Something to sensitive to pass by radio hence them couriering the documents there. Does this sound like a reasonable premise to have them in that location?

My intention is to start the game off in the weeks before the outbreak of WW2, with the players being members of the British Expeditionary Force based in northern France. I want to set the right atmosphere before the German forces make their lightning strike across the Belgain-French border and crash headlong into our player's positions. 

Does anyone have any suggestions for books/references so I can add the right amount of anticipation/fear to the Allied forces before the war kicks off. Also, any help in adding the Mythos/Weirdness element would be much appreciated.

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DaveThompson said Jan 03, 2016 15:47:28
was thinking it could add to the atmosphere of isolation and fear, as they will be surrounded by 'friendly' troops that don't speak their language as the surprise attack begins, though I am considering allowing a player or two to be local English speaking French civilians so they're not totally hampered by the language barrier. 

As long as one of them can drive, I will have them in a car or van and start them off as they receive orders to drive to Sedan and personally deliver Top Secret documents to the commander there. Maybe have them drive through the French countryside as the local troops prepare positions to defend against the German attack. 

Not sure if I should have there in time or have their car break down short of the French positions then watch in horror as the German tanks come rolling out of the Ardennes...

SteveHanson said Jan 09, 2016 22:12:11
I like the same condition option or maybe a third. They arrive just as hostilities break out. They pull up to the french cp and as they are sharing the information they hear the creaking and clanking of tracked Vehicles.
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