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The art during the DS campaign

posted Dec 28, 2015 03:31:10 by Matthew Hoeveler
The DS campaign takes place 50 years after the Divination address, so Brotherhood characters are an option, but if I understand what I read in the Brotherhood sourcebook, the only Iconic careers that a Brotherhood PC could have in the DS arc are the Hunter, the Mesenger, and Student of the Art. Furhter, the Art only exists ixn its infancy, with only the very limited Talent Tree that is in the Sourcebook...

Am I reading that correctly? Its been more than 50 years since the Brothers emerged from seclusion, and the Art is still not that evolved? The Brotherhood Sourcebook implies that these Iconics and this talent tree was appropriate for the very early period after the Durrands emerged on Venus. Does that "early" period include the DS adventure arc?
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Nathan.Dowdell said Dec 28, 2015 14:30:37
Yes. The Brotherhood has very little time to develop into the monolithic and multifarious organisation it is in the Dark Legion era, as the First Dark Legion War begins only eight years after the Brotherhood is founded. Research into the deeper mysteries of the Art has begun, but such studies are difficult and time-consuming, and when the war starts, must necessarily take a back seat to the more immediate matters of waging a war against the emergent Dark Legion.

The Brotherhood as we know it in the later eras doesn't really begin to take shape until after the Venusian Crusades, with the Edicts of Toth, and even then, it takes another forty years after Algeroth's defeat on Venus before there's proper peace and a proper opportunity to build again.
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Matthew Hoeveler said Dec 28, 2015 18:43:50
Fantastic, thanks for the clarification, Nathan!
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