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posted Dec 09, 2015 02:16:58 by Denis Ricard
Is there an errata somewhere, or perhaps rules clarifications? For example table 18-3 p.316 you roll 4dF*, what does the * mean and isn't it 8dF instead of 4dF? table 18-2 has 4dF without the * for the same -8..+8 distribution.

Sorry if this has been answered somewhere else!
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SarahNewton said Dec 09, 2015 10:30:23
Hi Denis,

Happily there are very few errata for Mindjammer - if you have the second printing then the few we're aware of have been fixed. Otherwise you can check out the G+ group here.

The "*" in the "4dF*" on table 18-3 p316 is indeed a typo. You definitely still roll 4dF though, and not 8dF (there's never any instance in Mindjammer where you'd roll 8dF on a table). The -8 to +8 range of results is to handle modifications from other tables.

Many thanks for your support - the Commonality salutes you!

All the best,

RPG and Fiction Writer & Mediator Sentience of Mindjammer Press
Denis Ricard said Dec 10, 2015 01:01:23
Ok I'll go look at the G+ list. Thanks!
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