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shadows of Atlantis

posted Dec 06, 2015 15:45:06 by
Picked this beast up at Dragonmeet, only a few pages in so far. I do have a question.

Do you have a idea of how long the campaign "as is" should take. I ask as it looks like the kind of thing that could be run over the course of say GamesExpo in Brum. Over a number of 4 hour sessions
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NiklasAlmgren said Jan 05, 2016 14:36:09
OT: I skimmed a few pages of this campaign and found my pet peeve - the stats of the Wehrmacht grunt. This time around, unlike Three Kings where he is a super soldier, he has 35 % in submachine gun as the only weapon skill but is armed with a Luger and a rifle. Poor soldier! :)
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