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Spending momentum on spells VS the spell Strike

posted Dec 03, 2015 09:43:17 by Wolfa127
Our group are currently playing through the Fall of Van Hölle and we are gradually learning the rules. A question about the Arts.

It says on page 171, Core Book, in the Momentum table that one can spend momentum to increase targets. On page 175 you find the spell Strike which has the following momentum spends: Armor Piercing, Spread and Blast (close).

If you cast the spell Strike and generate 2 momentum, could you use 1 for increasing targets (so hitting 2 targets) and 1 for adding blast, thus hitting 4 targets (2 with normal Strike and 2 with half damage)?


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Nathan.Dowdell said Dec 03, 2015 11:26:47
You could, but it's trickier than that.

Blast (Close) hits one additional target per Momentum spent, inflicting full damage on each (you're thinking of the Secondary Target Momentum Spend, which is half damage to a second target). Spending 1 Momentum to give a Strike the Blast (Close) Quality doesn't count towards that (because it grants the Quality), so you'd need to spend one more Momentum for each target you want to hit. Just spending one Momentum on Blast (Close) for the spell doesn't actually do anything, except add Spread 1 to the spell (all Blasts have Spread 1 as standard), you need to spend more Momentum to hit additional targets.

I'd rule at this point that, if you're splitting fire like that (additional targets, plus Blast), you'd need to spend Momentum for each Blast's extra targets separately as well. It's a very expensive use, and if you're doing that, you're not spending the Momentum on something like increased damage, which makes those blasts more survivable.
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Wolfa127 said Dec 03, 2015 13:12:53
Thanks! I think I get it.

But why then would I ever spend momentum on the Blast quality instead of Increase Targets common momentum? Blast will just cost one more momentum to do basically the same thing?
Lars Lagerström said Dec 03, 2015 13:13:49

The base for Wolfa127's question is that we (Me and another player) started to talk about why you would ever use Blast (C) to get the extra targets when you have the possibility to add extra targets per the standard spell momentum spend.
The benefit with the basic Increase Targets is that you dont seem to need to have them all in the same area where as the Blast (C) only is able to add targets within the same area.

Then we realized that Blast (C) adds Spread 1 as well. And we ended up thinking that if we had some extra momentum to spend we could get a realy good crowd controler.

With Perfection going and some other buffs it is not hard to reach 5 momentum.
And if you can combine them you could first add Blast (C) with 2 extra momentum for extra targets from Blast. And if that would combine with the basic Extra Targets + 2 you could target 3 different targets in different areas and hit 2 targets extra per base target.

But I see that you are probably correct that since you dont get a rating like Blast (Close 2) for the extra 2 momentum I can agree that you need to spend extra momentum for each additional target regardless of if you add them from Blast or the basic Extra Targets. Which leads me back to the first question.

Why should you ever use Blast on Strike. The only case would be if you dont hit any Dark Synnergy on the Damage Dice. Because if you did you would be better off with the Spread X and Armour Piercing X qualities. In which case you would get multiples from the Dark Synnergy per rating in each quality.

Sorry for the long reasoning. Hopefully it is beneficial to someone more than me!

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