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Zone Sector 2 - Denizens of the Sink Hole

posted Dec 02, 2015 04:38:56 by Andrew Scott
How does it look? This sounds great. Any one know how many pages it covers?
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Fenhorn said Dec 02, 2015 16:23:58
The Swedish version is about 6 pages or so.
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Anna “Aghork” Sladek said Dec 04, 2015 15:32:38
I have it, it's cover, 7 pages of stuff, one of which is a picture of the area and back cover.
I like it, it's a nice scenario, but I do not know what to make out of the fact that it seems to clash with the mutant background story.
The tribes are all mutants, but they seem to be there way longer than "our" arc mutants, because they have marriages and kids, some of this kids already adults themselves.
This seems strange to me as according to the story there should be no Mutants older than 30 years and they should not be able to reproduce with each other.
One explanation would be that they already reproduced with some humans, as the children are always mutants and are able to reproduce themselves, but it still clashes with the path to eden story as in that case at least 60-100 years should have passed or even more scince the leaving of the Eden Center.
Can someone who owns the add-on explain this? Did I miss something obvious from the main book?
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Fenhorn said Dec 07, 2015 22:31:21
Regarding why they are mutated - I have no clue and I haven't got any answer from a dev regarding this either.

*** SPOILER ***
*** SPOILER ***
*** SPOILER ***
*** SPOILER ***

Some theories
* The living entity (I don't know what it is called in English) has mutated anyone who is affected by it.
* The Eden project didn't start 30 years ago. The people in the sinkhole are maybe some "Alpha-test" subjects, but it all went wrong so it was cancelled (or it cancelled itself).
* The sector with the sinkhole contained an Enklave that did some bio-research that went very wrong.
* The sector with the sinkhole is one of the command centers and it has fallen (really fallen) and its (failed?) experiment is what we see here.

Or a combination of all those theories.
War, war never changes
TomasFriaLigan said Dec 08, 2015 20:14:04
@Anna “Aghork” Sladek: I think the most likely explanation is the second one that Fenhorn suggests - the mutants in the sinkhole have an origin separate from Project Eden.
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