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The Mindjammer Kickstarter - Open Now!

posted Nov 30, 2015 14:39:07 by SarahNewton

Hi everyone,

The Mindjammer Kickstarter is running at the moment to fund a massive expansion of the Mindjammer setting. Its initial goal of funding the all-colour print run of the new adventure THE CITY PEOPLE has been successful, and now we're unlocking some great stretch goals, including:

  • THE CITY PEOPLE, an 80-page adventure of mystery and adventure beyond the Commonality frontier.
  • MINDJAMMER TRAVELLER - a 288-page supplement for playing Mindjammer using the Traveller rules.
  • the MINDJAMMER COMPANION - featuring all new setting material for your Mindjammer game.
  • BLUE, an 80-page adventure on the devasted homeworld of a near-transcendent alien species.
  • SONGS OF OLD EARTH, a collection of short stories tracing the deadly history of the Commonality and the Venu.

... and we're now closing in on CHILDREN OF ORION, the Venu sourcebook, with loads more to come!

You can get digital versions of all the above for a pledge of just £20 / $30, with other pledges providing physical copies and copies of the Mindjammer RPG core book and HEARTS AND MINDS adventure. Join us, and help push back the human frontier!

The Commonality salutes you!

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