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how carrers and bonus to atributes work?

posted Nov 28, 2015 14:20:19 by
Hello i and our group just started planning playing and i found the site where you can build a character

The question i have is if you get other bonuses to atributes after your education and first career?

I made a Mishima with str 7 raised it to 9 after education and to 11 after first career but when it got calculated i got 13 and raised it to 15.

Is this a bug in that system?
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Nathan.Dowdell said Nov 28, 2015 14:24:49
You don't get any Attribute bonuses from any careers after the first. The character builder is incorrect on this point, though I believe this is a known bug and one that is being worked on.
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avatar said Nov 28, 2015 14:36:32
Aha thanks for the quick answer :)
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