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posted Nov 27, 2015 09:21:13 by ChristofferLundberg
Is it just me, or are the Apostles and their strongest minions very cartoony? I loved the apostle images in the core book, but this book completely turned that around and went from serious to cartoons. A bit disappointed by this I have to say. Oh and isn't Alakhai supposed to be white-skinned?
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Marcin.Skupnik said Nov 27, 2015 11:40:05
Alakhai is supposed to be blue skinned, according to every old depiction. I'm missing Valpurgius, he isn't there but I think he'll make an appearance in the Dark Eden book.

The images with the apostles are different from what I expected. Algeroth is cartoony, yeah, but how can you present a guy who has normal weapons growing out of his skin?
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Vladimir said Nov 27, 2015 16:59:48
Do not know about you, but I love the old art.
ShadowWalker said Nov 27, 2015 17:17:57
In my opinion most of the classic art, especially Bonner's, is vastly superior to knew ones. Not that there are no amazing new images. Some of them are really good.
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JakeBernstein said Nov 27, 2015 21:50:38
I actually really like the new ones. In fact, I have to say that the new art is in some ways better than the old for me. I think it makes the setting more interesting and LESS cartoony.
JaySun said Dec 01, 2015 01:17:33
I applaud the effort of many of the new artists, but sitting besides the old works of Bonner and Bergting, they just can't hold a candle to them. It is especially obvious with the weapon models for Whitestar, but it continues through a lot of the ambient pictures as well. On the one page you have a recolored Bergting and on the next side it looks like poorly drawn fan art. The style just lacks consistency in tone and art and that lack of consitency is even found among the new art, especiall when you compare the plain awesome Twisted marionette on p. 144 MC3 Core or the equally amazing Heretic temple on p. 154 MC3 Core and then the absolutely abhorrend Wolfclaw on p. 131 MC3 Core or the Morbidly obese Venusian Marshal on p. 69 MC3 Core.

It would have been a better choice to go with Bonner and Bergting again, but I guess it's a matter of cost and schedule. A little more consistency even among the new art would habe served the overall theme a lot better, though. Of course that just my personal opinion.
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Sebastian Fredenberg said Dec 01, 2015 15:59:19
I like the new art of the Dark Legion, for the most part they are really crisp and well made. The apostles especially are more or less the same as the old art but better made, that is purely subjective of course.
But then I also think the Venusian Marshall on p69 looks perfectly fine - he is of the roughly the same size as the other characters in that section and as well wearing heavy armour, certainly not morbidly obese ;)
Bonners art will always be better than anyhting else, but he is one of a kind so not fair to compare really..

However I too reacted on the description of Alakhai. He has always been pale blue-grey, and still is when looking at the recent Prodos depiction of him. I suspect this is a mixup with Absaloms description as it is quite similar.
RickardFriskEngelbrektsson said Jan 05, 2016 14:34:44
Personally I think thst the new art is awesome, of course they compete with the old art but the comparison isn't quite fair. The old art is enhanced by memories which gives it an advantage. With this in mind I'm astonished at how close the new art is holding it'own next to the old. Great job!
ZarinaModiphius said Jan 07, 2016 14:08:41
Hey, it's great that there's so much debate and appreciation for the art in the core book.
We appreciate all the points made, and are glad that so many do like the way we've included original art alongside new commissions.
The Venusian Marshal is quite padded up, with layers and armour and in terms of other styles of art dotted here and there throughout the book, this is because Mutant Chronicles has been and is a community project with respect to so many supportive backers :)

(I wish I had more time to return to the amazing and totally crazy campaign I was on with Chris as GM!)

Shamrock said Feb 08, 2016 05:57:06
What I wouldn't pay to have been in that campaign. Zarina, and Chris, sounds epic.
Be well,

Vladimir said Feb 08, 2016 07:53:25
You should always have time for an RPG campaign, especially is you work for a company that produces RPGs. Excuses will not be tolerated!
Nathan.Dowdell said Feb 08, 2016 12:46:20
You should always have time for an RPG campaign, especially is you work for a company that produces RPGs. Excuses will not be tolerated!

You say that, but actually making the games takes a lot of time and effort.
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