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Kickstarter, Backerkit Pledges?

posted Nov 17, 2015 16:58:45 by Trentin Bergeron
I have contacted ME twice via contact us form. No response yet. I'm hoping I can get some answers here. I pledged for all the PDFs via Backerkit for MC. Not sure if I did this incorrectly? Can someone please contact me regarding my pledge? If I made the pledge incorrectly, I would like a refund. Otherwise, I would like my PDFs. :-)

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avatar said Nov 17, 2015 20:15:48

As far as I know, the only officially released PDF is the corebook, which backers were sent a link to get their paid for copy off drivethrurpg. The other unofficially released PDFs, as well as the corebook, can be accessed using your backerkit account and looking for the "my digital rewards" section of the mutant chronicles backerkit info.

So, 1) you should be able to access these PDFs using backerkit
And 2) you should have gotten an email with a drivethrurpg link for the core book.
Trentin Bergeron said Nov 17, 2015 20:49:47
Ah Hah! Thanks!
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