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No pew pew without reloads?

posted Nov 13, 2015 04:33:55 by Michael Guerra
Note: I like abstract ammo, buuut:
-characters who start with guns cannot use them until they have reloads (unless I understand wrong); then, a reload is used up each combat even if weapon features aren't used (i.e. Semi-auto).
-guns always have ammo and just can't use "reload" abilities without "extras" (unless DS or repercussions are applied)?
Thanks for any help. Trying to parse all of the book is proving challenging; we were crappy editor helpers.
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Carl Matthews said Nov 13, 2015 10:41:12
I believe the second option is correct BUT that conflicts with, or is different from, the way oxygen loads, fuel loads and parts loads all work.

I have certainly been using your second version.
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Nathan.Dowdell said Nov 13, 2015 11:38:10
Ranged weapons - other than Munitions weapons, which always spend a Reload - can be used freely without spending a Reload, which means they can be used once you're out of Reloads.

However, if you're out of Reloads, the GM is free to impose a Complication describing a character as "completely out of ammo" if he has no more Reloads left (it's demonstrably untrue, and thus not a valid option, if he tries this before you're out of Reloads).

Oxygen Loads and Fuel Loads are meant to be limits first and foremost (enabling action that would not otherwise be possible). Parts don't actually work like that - like Coagulant and Reagents, they're used to grant a bonus (+1 Momentum per unit spent), rather than to enable an action.
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Michael Guerra said Nov 13, 2015 15:20:05
Amazing, thanks folks!
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