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posted Nov 06, 2015 12:21:19 by UlrichDrees
Does anyone think of a way, to use the Straffan Gatar and von Hölle adventures in connection with the Dark Symmetry campaign? I I'm reading it right, there are some 150 years between them. But I'm really interested in playing them with the same Pcs.
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Carl Matthews said Nov 06, 2015 13:38:50
If the players don't 'know' there is supposed to be 150 years between them, you can amend the dates to suit yourself?

Alternatively, you could arrange the 'Ripley' route. That is, cryogenically freeze your players, either in the escape pod of a lost space craft or in the bowels of an abandoned citadel using a DS spell or black technology device? There is also nothing to say that life-spans in this future cannot be into the hundreds of years with the right anti-agathic drugs.

I have purposely made the era I am playing in vague to my players to allow me to move stuff around, as it were. We have a Brotherhood but Cybertronic hasn't appeared yet. That is about to happen and the PCs will be involved in the founding/creation of Cybertronic.

I have run Straffan Gatar but not Von Holle in this bastardized personal version of an 'early' period.
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