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posted Nov 02, 2015 20:39:08 by ike2k
Just had a thought as I was preparing an adventure today and I checked through the rules briefly and couldn't find what I was looking for sort of...

A surprise round, it's a common thing in most games I have played for setting up ambushes and general guerilla warfare kind of tactics, I could find no mention of it in the rules. All I could find was the part about the characters always going first in combat, but this is what I was concerned about. Generally an ambush is set up outside of combat to attack an enemy before they have a chance to react. Currently the only way I can see this as being possible is by spending a bucket load of dark symmetry points. Is this an oversight? Or is that how it's done?

Any thoughts?
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Matthew Hoeveler said Nov 02, 2015 23:40:11
I think it is listed under the Stealth skill?
ChristofferLundberg said Nov 03, 2015 08:29:49
I think that a surprise attack allows the surprising side to act out an entire combat round without the opposite side getting a chance to act. Generally, this comes as the result of an opposite Stealth vs. Observation roll.
ike2k said Nov 03, 2015 19:10:35
Just read through stealth and observation neither mentioned attacking from a hiding place. I am very tired though so I may be being blind.
BillHeron said Nov 03, 2015 19:28:40
Page 122 of the Core Rulebook
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ike2k said Nov 03, 2015 21:16:03
LOL, there it is. I guess I was going blind after all. Thank you!
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