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FovH final scene questions...

posted Nov 02, 2015 18:31:54 by Matthew Hoeveler
So my party is going to be facing VonHolle in the next session, and re-reading the encounter, I noticed a few things that are confusing me a bit...

Regarding the map...
1: there are 4 cameramen hybrids on the map, but the writeup says 3.
2: the elevator the PCs take, does it open to the exterior hallway, or onto the Gantry?
3: the Office overlooking the studio, that is on the gantry level, does the "exterior staircase" connect it to the outer corridor?
4: is there any other entrance into the studio floor besides getting up to the Gantry level? The Giant Eye studio is described has being walled in, but no access to the outer hall is shown.
5: which wall are the cameras projecting on to?

Regarding the flow of events...
1: the Conduits - on p37, it says that if the pods are opened, the people within are woozy but eventually recover, but on p41, itnsays that if they are freed, theybresist all attempts to help them, they must be subdued before they can be helped, and if hurt, they emerge from their trance in a panic and hide. That seems like a tactically important difference.
2: the Countdown - how is VonHolle accumulating 50dsp in "at most" 8 rounds? More so, on p39, it says he needs 10 actions opening the microtear.
3: how many wounds can a Conduit take before they die (by VonHolle transferring his injuries to them) and do they get soak against those wounds. The party is going to be loaded for bare I am sure, and are going to open up on FvH immediately.

Sorry if I seem nitpicky, but I want to have a clear model of what is happening here.
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Matthew Hoeveler said Nov 09, 2015 15:44:34
Did anyone else run into difficulties like this when they ran VonHolle?

Also: bump.
Nathan.Dowdell said Nov 09, 2015 17:53:32
These matters are currently being considered - I'm sorting out the last wave of error reports for that adventure and the Dark Symmetry campaign.
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Matthew Hoeveler said Nov 09, 2015 18:18:09
Fantastic! thanks, Nathan.
nagiloum said Apr 12, 2018 12:30:27

Those are pretty much the same questions i have now. Just recently bought the print lovers bundle and looking for a lot of clarification. The "errata" is quite bloated. Are you going to update the PDFs with corrections for the worst offender?
GionathanS. said May 11, 2018 19:47:50
Eh, that entry is very chaotic 😄.
I recently ran that scenario to my Group. The points you are making are the same one I encountered. Here's what I did:
- I ruled the cameramen to be 4;
- they projected a holographic image floating on top of the machine;
- I created a more extensive floor of which studio 192 was part, as I couldn't conceive the entire floor 192 of the huge CEN tower to be sp tiny.
- 50 Dsp to open the portal happened to be too few, as my players had those points flow to me during the earlier sessions. I just ruled that Von Holle needed 10 turns of button-pushing on his console to make it happen.
- I considered the people in the conduits to be unconscious all along (besides, my characters didn't give a damn and after severing the tube of one of them they just left the people inside and concentrated on Von Holle 😂);
- one note: Von Holle's Dark Lance doesn't state a cap number of DSP you can spend on it. I capped ot at 5, but even then it is a HUGE power, he almost insta-killed DanielaArseni and outright incinerated poor Nix Cullen, which was already wounded. All in all, this is fine with me, but if we consider that Von Holle also had a power which enabled him to travel back in time and perform more attacks (or: More DarK Lances), he ends up being totally capable of wiping your party in one go if you are full of DSP 😂.
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