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Fuel Load

posted Nov 01, 2015 09:17:20 by Carl Matthews
How much does a fuel load cost? I have searched the PDF and can't find it.
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Marcin.Skupnik said Nov 01, 2015 09:57:56
Probably cut from the book along the rules for explosives.
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Nathan.Dowdell said Nov 01, 2015 13:04:23
This is an oversight.

Assume that Fuel Load is paid for as part of the starship's Maintenance value, between adventures or whenever you stop for fuel/repairs/etc. in-game
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Carl Matthews said Nov 06, 2015 13:28:23
We have done that so far, Nathan, but we (my PCs) are wanting to take a Frigate (10 days range, 3 Fuel Loads) out to Jupiter (Luna to Asteroids 19 days, Asteroids to Jupiter 18 Days). The Dark Symmetry have a hidden shipyard in the orbit of Jupiter that the PCs are looking to destroy.

I have assumed using a Fuel Load will increase the range by the same range again, so that their frigate can go 30 days on a full ship. BUT at 15 days they hit the NPR, the point of no return, and considerably less if they take any damage to the fuel tanks. They are wanting to use cargo and passenger space for extra fuel loads plus towing a cargo skiff loaded with extra fuel, hence the question.

As 8 maintenance assets gets 3 loads plus repairs, perhaps go with 2 assets per additional fuel load?

A cargo skiff is my homebrew shipping solution, an unpowered cargo pod, effectively a metal framework that cargo containers are fastened into to facilitate long range shipping. Towing a pod costs 1 fuel load (so freighters can tow 3 and still have one fuel load left to get them where they are going if the range is 8 days or less). Normally the containers are transferred in space docks but in mid-flight, a container can be unshipped and used to refuel the towing vehicle by crew spacewalking in suits.

UK gamer; I have more books than most game stores!
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