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Official Core Book Errata

posted Oct 29, 2015 01:19:49 by BillHeron
I'm working on compiling the Official Errata for the MC Core Rulebook. If you've found any typos, grammar or other errors - please post them here and I'll add them to the log. Please add the page and paragraph if possible.
If you're asking for rules clarifications, please post as a new topic.
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john.lonewolf said Jan 14, 2018 23:37:03
Hi there, I recently purchased the Mutant Chronicles gorgeous handbooks and I am reading through them in order to be able to run the two campaigns to my buddies. First and foremost, I extend my sincere congratulations for this massive and really accurate work which has been done. I really appreciated the deepening of the background that MC's universe is enjoying through this outstanding material.
Hereby I just want to point out some inconsistencies I stumbled upon, in order for me to receive clarifications on where (and when) should I put specific locations and events which have been - I believe - wrongly placed in the books.

FIRST: locations

Core book Luna city locations:
A) P. 340, Luna memorial Hospital: the entry is listed under the Brotherhood district, but the map on p. 350 - 351 (as well as the map of Luna Core on the "Luna and Freelancers" sourcebook) places it in the Bauhaus District;
B) p. 342, Rothberg Hotel: the text says it is located in the centre of Heimburg Square facing the Imperial Fairfax Hotel, but the map places it on the far right corner of Bauhaus District, pretty far from said Fairfax; what's worst is that in the "Luna and Freelancers" sourcebook map it is even placed into the Imperial District along with Oberland Park (which is not described, but according to the German name I guess it is supposed to be Bauhaus territory as well);
C) p. 342, Romanov Palace: the text in the entry states it is located on the shores of the lake of testimonies, but the map places it close to Saglielli and Richthausen Palaces', fairly distant from the coastline. The map in the "Luna and Freelancers" sourcebook is consistent with this"mistake" and places it in the same position, away from the water.

Luna and Freelancers Sourcebook:
A) p. 10, Longshore Stock Exchange (Longsec): this one here is put under the Capitol district, which I think is an error, since it is Mishiman; shouldn't this be "Luna Central Exchange (Lunex)"?
B) p. Shrine of Norumuto: the text says it represents a pot-bellied man in a lotus position, but the map shows it to be a standing samurai with a sword. There actually is, on the map, a drawing of said buddah-like statue, but it is linked to location 16, which is Ancestors Shrine. Also, the Shrine of Norumuto is spelled "Noromuto" in the Core Book, p. 343.
Xanser said Jan 23, 2018 20:25:25
Ok I have searched this entire forum for an answer and looked through the corebook but can´t find an answer.

How does shoulder pads armor bonus work? If you per say have a complete set of armor is the bonus already included or do you add it? Can I put shoulder pads on an armor(nylon clothing per say) and get the extra bonus?
And do you only get 1+ in head and body for all the different pads? or does heavy military grant you 2+ in the body and one in head
SteveHanson said Jan 24, 2018 16:09:23
Shoulder pads provide Armour Soak for the arm locations. As with stacking any armour, only the highest Armour Soak applies. (Shoulder pads don’t provide a bonus.)
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Xanser said Feb 03, 2018 14:10:15
Now you just confuse me even more! Inte the core book it is stated that you get a bonus if you are using shoulderpads in pair. See picture.
Xanser said Feb 05, 2018 11:57:44
Alakhai said Mar 14, 2018 21:07:50
Core book page 124:

The character draws down on and attacks a target at range. Ranged
Attacks require an Average D1 Ranged Weapons test, modified
by range. The target must be within the weapon’s effective range,
or the action’s difficulty increases by one for every zone outside
this effective range. f the target is not visible to the attacker, the
difficulty increases by two steps. If the test Attack succeeds, the
attacker moves to the damage step of the combat sequence. A
character who attempts a Ranged Attack while an enemy is within
Reach increases the difficulty by one, unless it has the Close
Quarters quality.

...range. f the target...

It should be 'If the target'
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Alakhai said Mar 14, 2018 22:37:13
Core book page 125
A character may safely leave a melee
engagement using the Withdraw action.
If a character and his allies in the melee
engagement outnumber the opposition,
Withdraw can be performed as a Free
Action. The character remains in the same
zone, but is no longer within Reach of any
character in that melee.
If a character attempts to leave a melee
engagement with a Movement or Sprint
action, he must make an opposed
Close Combat skill test against the most
skilled enemy combatant in the melee
engagement. If the skill test succeeds,
the character has safely left the melee
If the skill test fails, each enemy combatant
in the melee engagement may perform a
Retaliate Response Action to strike at the

...If a character attempts to leave a melee engagement with a Movement or Sprint action...

It should be 'If a character attempts to leave a melee engagement with an Adjust Stance, Movement or Sprint action'
Remember that Adjust Stance let you move within your Zone.
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Alakhai said Mar 14, 2018 23:31:04
Core book and ALL shared Character Sheets (Including the one here:

Instead of MENTAL STRENGHT the Character Sheets have MENTAL.
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AlistairCollins said Jul 04, 2018 03:35:49
Hey SteveHanson - sorry to bug you but I do have a couple questions about the errata:
1 - do you know if the current print run has sold out and roughly when the new print run will be available for purchase?
2 - Is the version on DriveThruRPG the up to date version, with errata changes? Is the process that this online edition will be updated?

Note - it would be great to have an errata list to - an easy reference for those using the older books.

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