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Game management

posted Oct 25, 2015 15:19:36 by ike2k
So I will be running a game of Mutant Chronicles soon and well I am a little concerned about the amount of paperwork and management behind the screen. Does anyone know of a cheat sheet or something that would help with the doleing and spending out of dark symmetry points and campaign points. I don't want this to overtake the story but I also don't want to end up forgetting what I am supposed to be doing mid game because I am distracted by points. How do other people handle this?
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Carl Matthews said Oct 26, 2015 11:26:28
Check out the Crib notes thread and please contribute anything that you have or find yourself.
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ike2k said Oct 26, 2015 21:15:57
Ah o.k. cool. I will check it out.
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