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posted Oct 24, 2015 06:55:09 by Marcin.Skupnik
Welcome to the Homebrew thread, a place to post your own creations or find new materials for your games. This thread is dedicated to new careers, weapons, armor, vehicles and so on. You'll also find new or extended options for character creation. Below is an irregularly updated index of all the things posted here.
Feel free to make requests, post your own creations and/or comment on the materials posted here.

Thread Index (15.03.2017)

Eras - DS/Dark Symmetry, DL/Dark Legion, DE/Dark Eden)

-Bauhaus Student Corporation (DS, DL, DE)
-Police Academy (DS, DL, DE)

Primary Careers
-Farmer/Frontiersman (Fisherman) (DS, DL, DE)
-Freelance Mercenary (DS, DL, DE)

-Goumier Career (DL, DE)

-Criminal (Mafia Associate) Career (DS, DL, DE)

-Military (Blue Jacket) (DS, DL, DE)
-Military (Highland Clan Warrior) Career (DS, DL, DE)
-Military (Mourning Wolf) Career by Psyfer

Iconic Careers
-Anarchist (DL, DE)
-Free Shooter (DL, DE)
-Grenadier (DS, DL, DE)
-Hooded Judge (DS, DL, DE)
-Jaeger (DS, DL, DE)
-Jungle Kommando (DS, DL, DE)
-Legion (DL, DE)
-Spahi (DL, DE)
-Storm Zouave (DL, DE)
-Strike Kommando (DS, DL, DE)
-Toreador (DS, DL, DE)
-Ulfwerner (DE)

-Admiral Colby's Guard (DS, DL, DE)
-Antagon (DE)
-Assault Marine (DS, DL, DE)
-Barking Spyder (DL, DE)
-Desert Scorpion (DS, DL, DE)
-Filibuster (DS, DL, DE)
-Homesteader (DS, DL, DE)
-Made Man(DS, DL, DE)
-Martian Ranger (DS, DL, DE)
-Pathfinder Scout (DS, DL, DE)
-Polaris Trident (DS, DL, DE)
-Ranger (DS, DL, DE)
-Special Crimes Division (DS, DL, DE)

-Vector (DL, DE)

-Black and Tan (DL, DE)
-Black Heart (DL, DE)
-Bloody Beret (Variant) (DL, DE)
-Fallen Angel (DE)
-Ghillie (DS, DL, DE)
-Golden Lion (Variant) (DS, DL, DE)
-Her Serenity's Life Dragoons (DS, DL, DE)
-Highland Clan Chieftain (DS, DL, DE)
-Highland Swordmaster by Psyfer
-McKendrick's Irregular Flying Column (DS, DL, DE)
-Minotaur (DS, DL, DE)
-Mourning Wolf Alpha by Psyfer
-Rakshasa (DS, DL, DE)
-Rams (DS, DL, DE)
-Rams Air Cavalry (DS, DL, DE)
-'Rook (DS, DL, DE)
-Serenity's Guard ISC-9 (DS, DL, DE)
-Thorn (DS, DL, DE)

-Blue Banner Guard (DL, DE)
-Crimson Devil (DS, DL, DE)
-Geisha & Doboshu (DS, DL, DE)
-Hwarang & Shirabyoshi (DS, DL, DE)
-Jade Guard (DS, DL, DE)
-Lord Moya's Guard (DL, DE)
-Meka Pilot (DS, DL, DE)
-Montagnard (DS, DL, DE)
-Ozumo (DS, DL, DE)
-Tiger Dragon (DS, DL, DE)
-Yojimbo (DS, DL, DE)
-Wokou Raider (DS, DL, DE)
-Wu (DS, DL, DE)

Freelancer - All (DS, DL, DE)
-Mercenary Veteran
-Self-made Man

Bauhaus Orders
-Order of the Tankard (by BloodAxeKommando)
-Student Corporation (by BloodAxeKommando)

-Gunslinger (Ranged Weapons)

Ranged Weapons
Assault Rifles
-Capitol M50A4 Aquatic Assault Rifle
-Capitol M74A1 Assault Carbine
-Imperial Mk. LVI Farquhar-Hyte Machine Rifle
-Mishima No. 3 “Shinnyuusha” Battle Rifle

Civilian Rifles
-Bauhaus AG-14 "Hauswehr" Rifle
-Capitol M76 Liberty Rifle
-Capitol "Silverline" Rifle
-Imperial "Squire" Rifle
-Mishima No. 12 "Yumi" Rifle
-Trishula Banduk
-Trishula Toradar
-Whitestar “Samopal” Rifle

Grenade Launchers
-Imperial Wolfbane Howler Grenade Launcher
-Capitol Raven Type II

-Bauhaus vz.52 Autopistol
-Capitol Frontier Revolver
-Capitol Service Special Revolver
-Cartel Avalanche Pistol
-Imperial Howdah Pistol
-Trishula Tamanchah

-M25 Nerve Gas grenade
-Buckshot Load

-Bauhaus Bergdahl MP-95 “Hellreaver”
-Bauhaus vz.52 Artillery Carbine
-Capitol M28
-Imperial Mk. IIIc Vindicator
-Imperial Mk. IIIs Eliminator

-Capitol Wolf Shotgun
-Capitol Wolf Shotgun Sawn-Off
-Trishula Sherbachah

Sniper Rifles
-Trishula Jezzail

-Trishula Gingal

Rocket Launchers
-Trishula Taramandal

Melee Weapons
-Combat Knife
-Cybertronic CS600 Gigadeath Chainripper
-Imperial Clansman Broadsword
-Imperial Kukri
-Imperial Wolfbane Claws of the Wolf
-Imperial Wolfbane Headhunter Battleaxe
-Imperial Wolfbane Iron Bola
-Imperial Wolfbane Pick-Hammer
-Imperial Wolfbane Tangle Chain
-Imperial Wolfbane War Hound "Nepharite" Hammer
-Mishima Duskdealer Spear
-Mishima Nagamaki
-Mishima Naginata
-Mishima Tetsubo

Weapon upgrades
-Mishima Shikomizue

-Armored Leggings/Greaves
-DArk Eden Tribal Armor
-Imperial Mk. IIb Jungle Combat Armor
-Mishima Blue Banner Armor
-Mishima Crimson Devil armor (modified Sode battlesuit)
-Whitestar Armor creation system

-Grapnel Launcher
-Imperial Universal Entrenching Tool

Legacy Items
-Grey MD
-External Load Bearing Frame
-Reinforced Nanotube Plating
-Assisted Energy Projector – Ape Arm

-Bauhaus Licorne Combat Bike
-Bauhaus Panthere Wheeled Transport
-Bauhaus Strike Skimmer
-Cybertronic Eradicator Deathdroid by RickardFriskEngelbrektsson
-Imperial Hurricane Walker Loadouts
-Mishima Kobaya Hover Transport

Imperial Minor Clans
-Clan Amis (Rules only)
-Clan Bachleda
-Clan Bruce (Rules only)
-Clan Cavanaugh
-Clan Clarke
-Clan de Wet
-Clan Ellis
-Clan Empaya (Rules only)
-Clan Faulkner
-Clan Hidalgo (Rules only)
-Clan Iwi (+ Tiki creation rules)
-Clan Kingsfield (Dark Symmetry era)
-Clan Leary
-Clan Macrae
-Clan McArthur
-Clan McRobert (Rules only)
-Clan O'Connor
-Clan O'Shaughnessy
-Clan Rowan
-Clan Singh
-Clan St. John-Ross (Dark Symmetry era)
-Clan Taggart

Capitol Regional Origin (DS, DL, DE)

Bauhaus Noble Houses (DS, DL, DE)
-House Arenberg
-House Argyros
-House Belmon
-House d'Estaing
-House de Melo
-House Esterhazy
-House Gössinger
-House Halshany
-House Kolowrat
-House Kyburg
-House Savelli
-House Wolitzky
-House Vivero
-Generic Noble Houses

Career Development System
-Basic Careers
-Imperial Black and Tan Witch Hunter
-Imperial Wolfbanes

-Whitestar optional environments (Siberia, Ukraine, Caucasus)
-How to roll a character born into Cybertronic
-Bauhaus Noble family structure
-Alternate Military Ranks

Gaming Aids
-Wound Sheets by QBird

Original First Post
Some time ago while preparing my Fukido campaign I was asked by a player if he could play a highlander, I said "no problem". Then Nathan disabused me of the notion that I would see the career in the coming months. So I sat down and created my own, because I needed the career. So here's the Highland Clan warrior career for those interested:

Military (Highland Clan Warrior) Career
Strength – 2
Physique – 2
Agility – 3
Awareness – 1
Coordination – 1
Intelligence – 0
Mental Strength – 2
Personality – 0

Mandatory Skills - Athletics, Close Combat, Resistance.
Elective Skills - Acrobatics, Observation, Ranged Weapons.
Signature Skill - Acrobatics, Athletics, Close Combat, Resistance.
Talent - Select one talent from Mandatory Skills.
Equipment - Mk. II Medium Combat Armour, Lyon & Atkinson PSA Mk. XIV ‘Aggressor’ handgun, Punisher shortsword
Earnings – 2

I based the career on the info provided in the 1ed books, like the fact that they are the best swordsmen in Imperial and disdain Wolfbane tactics. The only thing that I didn't do is to give every single one of them a claymore as the 1ed suggested.

The next thing I did was to change how the Blood Beret and Golden Lions were depicted.
The Blood Berets never used plasma weapons in 1ed/Warzone, they were the Invader armed paratroopers. So I changed that:

Blood Beret (Classic)
Replace Mk. XLIII plasma carbine with Mk. XIb ‘Invader’ battle rifle.

Next up were the Golden Lions, and boy are they strange in 3ed. In 1ed/Warzone they were the experts in hostile takeover and fighting Cybertronic, armed with plasma guns that could drop a Cuirassier. In 3ed they are Imperial's version of the Bauhaus Ulfwerner/Capitol Wolverine, armed with claws. I think the idea is solid, but changing an established unit that has been around since forever isn't rocking my boat (I would have preferred a new unit).

Golden Lion (Classic) Iconic Career
Mandatory Skills - Athletics, Close Combat, Ranged Weapons.
Elective Skills - Resistance, Willpower, Unarmed Combat.
Signature Skill - Athletics, Close Combat, Ranged Weapons, Willpower.
Equipment - Mk. IV ‘Felis Pattern’ Combat Proximity Armour (replaces Mk. III), Dagger, Mk. XLIII plasma carbine
Earnings – 3

If anyone is interested in seeing more of the things that I'm working on, drop me line. Right now I'm writing up civilian hunting rifles and the Wolfbane armory of odd and deadly weapons.

PS: The Iconic Career picture for Blood Berets shows Sergeant Michael Mcbride, one of 1ed Imperial heroes akin to Sean Gallagher.
PPS: I'm also working on creating my own clans, got 3 already.
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Marcin.Skupnik said Jun 29, 2017 08:26:06
Is it just me or there's a lack of careers in character development that have Gunnery as an option? I mean in all of them, the only one I saw was for Spaceship Crew. This doesn't cover the Iconic careers

This brings me to another idea: why isn't there an Iconic Career for a Meka pilot for Mishima? :)

The same goes for heavy weapons afaik. Gunnery is also available to Bauhaus Dragoon characters.

And about the Meka Pilot IC, well they were limited by the small size of the books.

PS: Say 'please'. :P
MC3 homebrewer. Check the thread!
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Michael_Romanov said Jun 29, 2017 10:11:36
Pretty pretty please!
"If you do something, do it right!
Do it like the best.
Do it like Bauhaus!"

Michael Romanov
Major, Order of the Wolf

Marcin.Skupnik said Jun 30, 2017 21:22:10
Mishima Meka Pilot (DS, DL, DE)
To be granted the right to pilot one of the Battlemekas of Mishima is a great honor. To even be considered for this, is to have his skill lauded beyond ones peers. But the way to become one of the chosen few is hard and most who dream of joining the august brotherhood of pilots will never even be considered. This is necessary, as Mishima doesn't have many of those magnificent machines. Because of this the pilots must be the best of the best. Those who achieve their lofty goal are given great deference as the rest of their life will be dedicated to piloting the mightiest warmachines humanity has.

Prerequisites: Mishima , Samurai (Low Shareholder) or better, Pilot Expertise 1
Difficulty: 3
Mandatory Skills – Close Combat, Heavy Weapons, Pilot.
Elective Skills – Mechanics, Ranged Weapons, Willpower.
Signature Skills – Close Combat, Heavy Weapons, Mechanics, Pilot.
Talents – Two talents from Close Combat, Heavy Weapons, Mechanics, or Pilot.
Equipment – Access to a Tambu Battlemeka Mk. 2.
Earnings – 4

Special: The use of the Battlemeka must be sanctioned by the characters Daimyo. The character is not free to use the Battlemeka otherwise.

Any other wishes?
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AlexandreDupuis said Jul 06, 2017 02:04:39
Wow Marcin, you made a fan very happy :)

I was thinking something similar in terms of pre-requisites.

It's not clear in the rules if piloting a meka is like driving a car, boat or spaceship (for the feats in piloting skill). I'm guessing it depends on the circumstances and the type of meka that is being piloted.

Also not clear if firing a meka's guns requires Gunnery or a simple ranged skill test.
Marcin.Skupnik said Jul 06, 2017 15:29:21
Thanks! It's always nice to help someone out or fulfill a request. I'm always grateful for any feedback, as sometimes it feels like I'm posting it for myself.

As to the meka, it's a ground vehicle like any other walker so I would use Born to the Wheel for it. Though I never used a walker as a player driven vehicle before.
As to the weapons I always look at the weapon type in the description to decide between Gunnery and Heavy Weapons. The meka is armed with a Dragonfang autocannon or a Daimyo launcher, so it's heavy weapons all around (if it was a large cannon I would use Gunnery).
MC3 homebrewer. Check the thread!
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Marcin.Skupnik said Jul 21, 2017 12:37:58
Getting back on topic:

Bauhaus Ulfwerner (DE)
Chosen from among the most aggressive and fierce hussars, the Ulfwerners are fury made flesh.
Taking the name from an ancient term for berserkers they are armed like the wolves themselves with massive claws able the shear through toughest armor. Known for taking on Imperial Wolfbanes and Mishiman Samurai the Ulfwerners have made a name for themselves, striking terror in the units deployed against them. Their most famous exploits however lay on the blasted Dark Eden, where the troop has been known to take on the tribesmen and Dark legion beasts alike.
Prerequisites: Bauhaus, Close Combat expertise 1.
Difficulty: 2
Mandatory Skills – Athletics, Close Combat, Stealth.
Elective Skills – Acrobatics, Ranged Weapons, Willpower.
Signature Skills - Athletics, Acrobatics , Close Combat, Stealth.
Talents – Two talents from Athletics, Acrobatics , Close Combat, or Stealth.
Equipment – Guardsman Mk. III Armor with Automated Suppressor System, MP-103 Hellblazer SMG, Fist of Judah
Earnings – 3

Imperial Rakshasa (DS, DL, DE)
There are stories going around Quanto, stories about demon tigers in the jungle. Many Samurai serving Lord Maru have disappeared after vowing to hunt the demons down. Even the mighty Tiger Dragons cannot defeat them. And as the legend of the demon tigers grows larger the Imperial Jungle Scouts have more reasons to celebrate, for they are the demons of the jungle.
Created by the IDF as long range scouts the Rakshasa have recruited heavily from Venusian clans. These recruits brought with them knowledge about the jungle and traditions that mark the IJS to this day. Besides the curved and sharp kukri, a perfect weapon for the thick bush, they showed the other scouts how to strike fear into the hearts of the enemies. Soon after its creation the scouts started to wear demonic masks depicting legendary monsters. The few survivors that escaped their ambushes carried with them tales of demon tigers striking from jungle. And so the story of the Rakshasa was born.
Prerequisites: Imperial, from Venus, Survival expertise 1
Difficulty: 2
Mandatory Skills – Athletics, Close Combat, Survival
Elective Skills – Acrobatics, Ranged Weapons, Stealth
Signature Skills – Athletics, Close Combat, Stealth, Survival
Talents – Two talents from Athletics, Close Combat, Stealth, or Survival
Equipment – Mk. III Eliminator SMG, Kukri, Mk. IIb Jungle Assault Armor,
Earnings – 3

Mk. IIb Jungle Combat Armor
Created as a lighter alternative to the standard Mk. II the 'b' variant removed plating from the joints and the torso to allow for a maximum of mobility on the battlefield. It also is covered in jungle camouflage unique to the IJS.
Head: 3
Torso: 3
Arms: 3
Legs: 2
Encumbrance: 7
Restriction: 3
Cost: 15

Special: Treat the armor as a camouflage kit (jungle) which grants only one momentum to stealth checks to avoid being seen.
MC3 homebrewer. Check the thread!
CA-138 Deathlockdrum - when you want to put a grenade launcher on a grenade launcher, so you can launch grenades when launching grenades.
Marcin.Skupnik said Sep 17, 2017 18:18:45
Sorry for not posting for so long, life has a tendency to steal time from hobbies.

Here are the Dark Eden tribal armors, the protection values are from the book the rest is by me. It's a pity that we didn't get a table with those stats in the book. But I'm not complaining anymore, as it was a nice break from other stuff I'm doing ATM.

The following armor types do not come with shoulder pads attached:
-Crescentia Mastodon Hide
-Triad Reinforced Leather Armor
-Triad Light Leather Armor
-Templar Horde Body Armor

The characters can add shoulder pads to them at standard cost.

Crescentia Crusade Armor
Used by the majority of the Crescentian warriors, these armors are the best protection anyone can find among the nomad tribes. Combining protection and mobility they are a sight to behold, especially since they incorporate ornate shoulder protectors reminiscent of those used by the corporations.
Head: -
Torso: 2
Arms: 1
Legs: 1
Reliability: 3
Encumbrance: 4
Restriction: 1
Cost: 7

Crescentia Mastodon Hide
Made out of the tough hide of the mastodons used by the Crescentians as beasts of burden, this armor provides a measure of protection to the wearer. While it is nowhere near the armors of the other tribes in terms of protection, it is very affordable and easy to replace.
Head: -
Torso: 1
Arms: 1
Legs: -
Reliability: 3
Encumbrance: 1
Restriction: 1
Cost: 2

Crescentia Guard Helmet
Exclusively worn by the Khan's Guard, these light and decorative helmets protect their wearers from small caliber projectiles and shrapnel. They are however inferior to military headgear worn by soldiers of the corporations.
Head: 1
Torso: -
Arms: -
Legs: -
Reliability: 3
Encumbrance: 0
Restriction: 2
Cost: 3

Triad Reinforced Leather Armor
Reinforcing leather often means adding metal plates between two layers of material. Other variants use studs or harden the leather chemically. In any case the finished product protects the wearer in combat against various threats. Because of the easy of production, requiring nothing more than some tools and materials, many Triad warriors use this type of armor to protect themselves on the battlefield.
Head: -
Torso: 2
Arms: 1
Legs: 2
Reliability: 3
Encumbrance: 4
Restriction: 3
Cost: 6

Triad Light Leather Armor
More daily clothing than armor, the leathers worn by many Lutherans offer ample protection. They are also easy to produce and repair, a great benefit to a tribe lacking in organized industry.
Head: -
Torso: 1
Arms: 1
Legs: 1
Reliability: 3
Encumbrance: 2
Restriction: 1
Cost: 4

Rasputin Heavy Soldat Armor
The heaviest armor used by the Sons of Rasputin is a massive construction of metal and bone, comparable to the armors worn by the soldiers of the corporations. Thanks to the generous use of metal plates the wearer is well protected against both ranged and melee attacks, with only the legs offering a weak spot. For the protection it offers, the armor is heavier than similar corporate designs.
Head: 2
Torso: 3
Arms: 3
Legs: 2
Reliability: 3
Encumbrance: 9
Restriction: 3
Cost: 12

Rasputin Cossack Armor
Cossack armor discards most of the metal plates used in the other Rasputin armors, with only a segmented breastplate offering protection to the chest. The rest of the body is covered by a thick greatcoat and a fur hat.
Head: 1
Torso: 2
Arms: 1
Legs: 1
Reliability: 3
Encumbrance: 5
Restriction: 2
Cost: 8

Rasputin Light Soldat Armor
Worn by special troops like the Northern Sons, the Light Soldat armor offers a compromise between protection on the battlefield and mobility. Even so it compares well with the armor worn by other tribes on Dark Eden.
Head: 1
Torso: 2
Arms: 1
Legs: 1
Reliability: 3
Encumbrance: 4
Restriction: 3
Cost: 6

Templar Horde Body Armor
A simple affair of chemically fused bone plates covering the torso. Many Templar warriors also add to it a pair of simple shoulder protectors made out of beast tusks. Inexpensive to produce and replace in a society which keeps many beasts.
Head: -
Torso: 2
Arms: -
Legs: -
Reliability: 4
Encumbrance: 3
Restriction: 1
Cost: 4

Templar Combat Armor
The heaviest armor donned by Templars, it is made out of bone plates riveted to a sturdy backing. It combines good all-around protection with decent weight and mobility.
Head: -
Torso: 2
Arms: 2
Legs: 2
Reliability: 3
Encumbrance: 5
Restriction: 3
Cost: 8

PS: I'm going to update the index soon. I'm also working on generic motorcycle types to add to the game.
MC3 homebrewer. Check the thread!
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